Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Go Girl!

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I would like to congratulate, my niece, Natalie for killing her first deer. CONGRATULATIONS! I would like to add the following impressive information: She shot a 12 point buck weighing over 200 lbs, according to Kevin with one shot straight to the heart. WOW! Ryan told me earlier today that he was feeling bad for Natalie because when he took other young hunters out, they always saw at least one deer. Poor Natalie. When he would take her out hunting, she would be lucky to see a rabbit. I told Maryann, I guess this 12 point will make up for all the deer she didn't see all the other times.

Ryan was home for a few days to do a little deer hunting. He was so sweet as to come by and spend a few hours with Katie and myself. Of course, we were interrupted by the phone company repair man coming by. The phone guy checked all the lines for us and he called our phone twice to see if it was working. While I was on the phone with him, there was still a low roar and he could hear it as well. He seemed to think it was because of the work the phone company was doing in the neighborhood. They've added a DSL box up the road and still doing some work with it. I'm hoping this is the problem and the loud roar is gone for good. I could barely hear Doug on the phone yesterday for the loud roar. After the phone guy left, Ryan, Katie and myself headed out for lunch. Ryan had to stop by Pat's work and say hello to everyone and I thought we would tag along too. It's been a while since we've seen Tim and Vicki. They've got their offices looking so nice. In fact, Vicki was talking about getting a screen to knock out some of the "guys" noise. tehe! Ryan wouldn't settle on a place to eat because he said he would eat anything. Lately, I've been hungry for hot wings, so we ended up going to Zaxby's for lunch and oooh it was good. Katie was about to drive us crazy worrying about the stupid flies. We happen to sit by the windows of the restaurant and there were a couple of flies buzzing around the windows. Katie kept calling them spiders. They were bugging her and every few seconds, she had to tell us the spiders were on the windows. "Uh, oh Mommy. Look spiders!" she said it with her lips pursed and her eyes wide open. We, Ryan and myself, tried to calm her down and we were afraid she would touch them. Luckily, she didn't touch any that we're aware. Ryan updated me on his life and it sounds wonderful. I'm so happy for him because he seems to be where he needs and wants to be. He is loving his job at Duke. He just wishes he could work more in the OR, instead of ER. He is still going to wait a little while before he goes back to school for his Graduates. He didn't say it, but he seemed to be looking forward to going back to school.

Prayer Request

Mom still isn't doing well with her back. The second shot has worn off and the doctor suggested getting a third one done. She refused because her insurance won't pay for the anesthetic. She was in terrible pain the last time she had the shot. She swore she wouldn't go through that again. I told her that she has to ask herself, if she could live the rest of her life in this pain. I know she's got to be scared and I'm hoping after a few days of thinking about all of this, she'll come to her senses and get the shot. I've heard cases where the third shot did the trick and they no longer were in pain. The doctor would not talk to her about surgery or answer any of her questions, so I don't know what's the deal.

Ryan heard some bad news tonight. His good friend, Kelly, from college passed away. I don't know all the details and Ryan decided to leave for home tonight. Of course, Mom said he was pretty upset after hearing the news.

Have you heard of "Elf Yourself" by OfficeMax? You've got to try this at home because it is so cute. I made one of Wayne, Laura, Doug and myself. I think you'll get a chuckle out of it. Here's the link:


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Laura said...

Okay... what in the world kinda picture have you posted on your blog!!! Sorry, but I absolutely cracked up laughting OUTLOUD about Katie and the flies. Still laughing, actually!