Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Okay, I'm glad Katie loves to wear dresses and act a little prissy. This is a good thing. What I'm having a problem with is her determination to keep the socks, stockings & shoes off of her. We got into an awful fuss because she refused putting on stockings and shoes. Instead, she wanted her hot pink & white polk-a-dot shoes, no socks or stockings, with her pastel pink & black velvet dress. Ugh! Before we headed out the door for church this morning, I finally got her all fixed up with pink stockings & black patent leather shoes. When we were ready to go home, I went to Katie's class room to pick her up. What should I find? She was running around with no stockings or shoes. Her teachers told me, they couldn't get her to keep them on. What am I going to do with her? At home, I was going through her draws to change her clothes. She was insisting to wear a dress, but she wanted a different one. I explained to her that we most keep our stockings on at all times while wearing a dress. "Okay," she said. I thought I would try it again, but I figured it wouldn't last long. Sure enough, it wasn't long before she began pulling and crying at her stockings. She begged me to take them off. I went back in her room, grabbed the outfit I wanted her to wear to June & Pats (pants set). She had a complete meltdown. She didn't want to wear pants, but a dress. I explained to her again what the consequence was (wearing pants) because she wouldn't leave her stockings on. Oh, her world came to an end. Poor baby. I'll guess she'll learn one day.

This afternoon was our Thanksgiving Dinner services at church. Last year, we had two different services. We had so many families interested in coming this year that we decided to have three services, 3:00, 5:00 and 6:30. We were blessed enough to have our parents join us for the 6:30 service. We were going to bring Katie, but June offered to keep her for us. I'm so grateful, she called and volunteered to keep her. I knew I would be a nervous wreck with her running about every where, knocking things over and recking havoc. The Thanksgiving Dinner was really nice. The Deacons took such good care of us, taking our beverage order & serving us our food so quickly. We ate our meal, which included the following: Turkey, Dressing, Corn Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Beans, Roll, Cranberry Sauce, and Dessert. The desserts, you could choose between Pecan Pie and Carrot Cake by candle light with Live Entertainment. A little later, Bro. Steve approached the podium, said a few words and blessed the Lord's Supper. I got back to June & Pat's around 8:00-8:30 to pick up Katiebug. Their poor house looked like a crowd with kids just attacked. Some of June's Holiday decorations were in the floor and I saw Katie tossing around a small gourd pumpkin. She seemed to really have a good time with Auntie June, Auntie Kim Ann & Uncle Pat. They were all sitting on the couch, watching "Beauty and The Beast", for the second time I might add. Kim Ann and June were telling me what a clown Katie was around them tonight, acting silly. I asked them if Katie had to help them tonight. They both chimed in and told me what happened. June said luckily, her and Kim Ann just finished washing dishes when here came Katie saying "I helpa you!". She went on to say that Katie was trying her best to push the bar stool over to the sink. I had to laugh, I just thought it was funny because Katie has to wash dishes with me from now on. Kim Ann told me about asking June, if Katie was like this with me all the time. She couldn't believe how active she can be. June was saying that Nicholas was real active when he was little, but she doesn't think he was this active. I've heard this comments about Katie before, I just hope it's not a bad thing in the future. Other Moms have reassured me that Katie will calm down in the next few years. I'm afraid she'll be targeted by some Kindergarten Teacher, encouraging us to get her checked out for ADHD. I tried to clean up all of Katie's messes before we left. I hope I didn't miss anything. Thanks June for allowing me to relax and enjoy the evening with our parents. We appreciate it!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

I am having the same problem with Maddie and clothes. She has an idea what she wants to wear and thinks she should wear that....well she doesnt get a choice anymore but still thinks she needs to voice her opinion...she also LOVES her pink cowgirl boots and loves to put them on.....the wrong feet . She INSISTS and yells when we put them on her because she thinks we are putting them on the wrong feet......eeeeerrrrrr.