Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bama Game Weekend!

Doug and I met Wayne and Laura Friday night for a little Christmas Shopping and Supper at "Joe's Crab Shack." I received coupons in the mail this past week, so I was ready. I really like JJill's clothes, but they can be pricey. Their Sale Rack has really good buys and they do have good specials and discounts online. Their having a deal right now where you can get 2 shirts and the 3rd one is free. I also got an additional 25% off my entire purchase. I got a pretty red shirt with velvet trim around the neck & sleeves. I thought it would be nice with black dress pants for Christmas pictures. I had a Gymboree 20% off coupon, so I got Katie a cute snowman t-shirt and snowflake socks.

Wayne and Laura had extra tickets to the ball game for Saturday and asked us to go with them. Before we went to the game, we had to have lunch at "Mellow Mushroom." Doug and Wayne made friends with a couple from LA. He didn't know much about the area, so he asked where he should park for the game. We pretty much put him under our wing and made sure him and his girlfriend got to the game. He said that he is part of the "BullRun Team," which we found out later is a reality show on Spike TV. We didn't get a name, but he drove a beautiful BMW. The only bad thing is two tickets were in one area and the other two were in a different spot. The guys decided it would be best if Laura and I team up together and let them go together. The guys were in the mainly LSU fan section while Laura and I were much closer to the field in the end zone. We had great seats, especially if the players were on our side of the field. You will have to check out all my photography work on our photosite. I would have to say, Laura and I had some interesting characters surrounded around us. You've got the newly dating "Make Out Couple" that really needed a room instead of attending a football game. "Every one's Friend" person that is so drunk he can't decide if he is pulling for LSU or Alabama. He was so chummy with everyone around him, we thought he was with another couple. When we asked the couple about him, they had no idea who he was. Two small boys, approximately 7-9 years old, were sitting by Laura that didn't know where their parents were. In fact, the one boy told Laura that his parents left him there. I did see him answering his cell phone often and telling someone that he didn't know where they were. Sitting behind Laura was the happy couple. When I say "happy," I mean possible drug and alcohol use happy. I know every time I looked back at this couple, the man would be grinning, showing all 5-6 gold front teeth. According to Wayne and Doug, they had interesting characters as well. For instance, one LSU fan threw a bottled beverage onto another LSU fan. The police had to step in and calm a few LSU fans down and remind them how to behave in a public place. Yeah, it's sad that Alabama did not win the game, but I think they did a pretty good job. Of course, J.P. has to make connect with his receivers and we have to stop giving the ball over to the other team. Hopefully, next year we will stomp LSU Tigers the way we should have this year. After the game was over, we met up with the guys in front of the Paul "Bear" Bryant statues. While we were walking that way, we ran into Santa Claus. I had to have his picture. Well, Santa Claus wanted his pictures made with me instead of him by himself.

I got an update on Emily. She wrote and said her good lung has collasped again 20%. The doctors are hoping it will inflat by itself. If it doesn't inflat by itself, they will have to put the chest tube back in. I've never had that done to me, but it must really hurt because Emily is hoping she won't have to go through all of it again.

The little boy, Sam, I asked for prayer last week has passed away. Doctors put him on life support and his little body just couldn't make it. His parents agreed with the doctors Thursday to go ahead and have his life support turned off. Of course, his parents and family are having a very tough time right now. Please remember this family. Thank you!

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Laura said...

I'm sorry, but I found myself laughing out loud while you "reminised" about our whole game experience and the people around us!! Wasn't it fun?