Friday, November 16, 2007


Katie is feeling much better. Thank you for all the nice phone calls and messages concerned about Katie's health, we appreciate it. She began feeling better yesterday afternoon and hopefully her somewhat of an appetite has returned today.

Early this morning, I got a call from Henry. He needed to speak with Doug, but I told him unfortunately Doug was at work. I asked him if I could help and poor thing was stranded. His car had broke down, I believe a dead battery. I asked him if I could come, pick him up and take him where he would need to be. He thanked me and asked what I was doing. Beings it was close to 8:00 in the morning, I was still in my PJs and house coat. I assured him it would be no trouble to change clothes, grab Katie and head out the door. I couldn't just let him be stranded. I could hear the wheels in his head turning - a woman getting ready to come pick me up, when I needed to be some where fast. He may have not thought it, but I think most men believe women take a long time to get ready to go out the door. He said he had another buddy, he could call and see if he was coming that way. I told him to call the buddy and if he could not come to his rescue then he needed to call me back. As soon as I hung up, I went ahead and got ready. I was ready to go if I needed to when Henry called again. He let me know that his friend was willing to pick him up. I knew God had a mission for me today, but what could it be. I called Mom because I had not talked to her in the past couple of days. She sounded so pitiful on the phone. She said today was a bad day and she was going through some pretty bad pain. Katie and I was suppose to pick her up later this afternoon and go to Natalie's school. I don't remember exactly what special recognition the school was honoring Natalie, but Maryann wanted Mom to be there. I offered to pick Mom up and take her to the school. Mom said she just didn't feel very well, not well enough to go to the school. I told her it would be good if she just take it easy today. She went on about needing to do a few things around the house, like dusting and washing clothes. I tried my best to convince her to let me come over and help her with her housekeeping. In the past, I've had to just go over there and force my services to her. This approach can be very exhausting, especially when you have a 70+ year old Mother over your shoulder telling you not to do the work. I had to give Mom the speech. Basically, she's going to have to put her pride aside and let her daughters take care of her. Sure Dad has done a lot for Mom. Let's face it ladies, he's a MAN. Needless to say, Mom refused my offer to come over and clean for her. As soon as I got off the phone with her, Peggy called. Finally, someone needs my help! Peggy was trying to go to her hair appointment and her garage door wouldn't go up because the electricity had been out. She needed us to take her to her hair appointment. I offered to pick her up after her appointment and take her to get some groceries, if she needed them. She thanked me and said she had already made arrangements with someone else to take her home.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? After sitting down in the Dining Room and going over some recipes, I believe I have decided what we'll be taking to the family get to-gethers. Doug requested a Green Bean Casserole. I wanted to make some Velveeta Salsa Dip with chips and Indoor S'mores Bars for dessert. I can't hardly believe Thanksgiving Day is in less than a week away. I believe Katie and I will go this afternoon and pick up a few groceries for next week.

I still have quite a bit of Christmas Shopping to do and I haven't decided yet if I want to go out on Black Friday. If I do decide to adventure out on Black Friday, it will have to be a casual, stress free mind set. I've learned in the past that no matter how good the sales are, you have to ask yourself, is it worth loosing your self control over and I'm not just talking about myself. I have seen the devil come out of some people that normally isn't there until "BLACK FRIDAY." It's amazing what people will do to save $5 dollars. Doug forwarded me a link that shows a lot of the great "Black Friday" deals from several different stores. Here is the link, if your interested:

I got a message from the Disney Store and they've got a promotion going on right now. It's an online offer until this Sunday, which is a sitewide exclusive 25% off your entire purchase, including sale items for online purchases only. All you have to do upon check out time, you must type in the Promotion Code: OURGIFT and it will automatically take 25% off your entire purchase. If your interested, here's Disney Stores website: . Don't forget to check out Disney's Outlet for more great deals.

Belk is having a 2 Day Doorbusters Sale starting today & tomorrow. According to the sale paper, they will open early both days. Tomorrow, they will open at 7:00 a.m. I think I might have to check this sale out. Maybe Doug can watch Katie for a little bit.

Yesterday, I went ahead and bought one of Katie's gifts from Santa. I haven't been able to find it inside the stores, but we got her "My First Dollhouse" by Fisher Price. I purchased it online from Wal-Mart. I love this "Site to Store" deal they have available. Apparently, they will send my purchase to our local Wal-Mart store and then they'll notify me when it's ready to pick up. Purchasing items this way, I won't have to pay the outrageous shipping and handling fees. Well that's all my great shopping deals to share with everyone for today.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

So glad Katie is doing better. Sounds like Mommie is doing better too. Liz just e-mailed, both her kids are sick, it is coming out both ends and both have fevers. She is going thru diapers, sheets, blankets, and clothes left and right. Nolan will be home soon for back-up. Remember them in your prayers. Have a nice week-end. Love, Sandy