Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sky Angel Cowboy

Before you play this video, you might want to have some tissues next to you. It is very touching and such a testimony. God's witnesses come in all shapes and sizes. My niece sent this video to me, but I nearly didn't get blessed by it. This is because when I opened up the attachment, it asked me to save the file. Knowing that this was a good way to get a virus, I deleted the attachment. Well, Sandy called me this morning and she told me about it and recommended that check it out on GodTube. I hope this will bless your heart today as much as it has mine. God Loves You and so do I!

Sorry but you'll have to pause the Christmas music that I've got automatically playing, in order to hear the video. You can find my playlist on the right side of the screen towards the bottom.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Isnt he great?1?!?! He is only 12 years old! I think its amazing how he knows God is talking to him at such a young age!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you were able find this clip. It has traveled around the world. Doesn't it just humble you, God chose this young man (12 years old), to speak to, and give his (God's) authority to share his (God's) message to us all....HE UNDERSTANDS.....JUST RUN TO HIM!! Play this for Mom and Dad someday, I think they would be touched. Love you Sis, Sandy