Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday Fever!

Birthday planning is well on it's way. As you know, Katie has decided that she would like a ballerina birthday party. I've been busy looking for different ways to make Katie a ballet birthday cake and finding party supplies. The only supplier that is carrying a ballerina theme right now, that I can find, is Celebrate Express. It's simple, but Katie likes it. If you are or will be planning a party any time soon, Celebrate Express is shipping orders, starting at $75, for free. If you're interested, CLICK HERE.


Dinner Plate

I've decided that making cupcakes might be the easiest route for me. I like the idea of placing ballet slipper candies in the middle of each cupcake. I've been searching for the ballet slipper candy mold. I've found several places online that sold the mold, but I had a bad vibe about purchasing them online because I wasn't familiar with the stores. Today, I spent a few hours on the phone with local bakeries trying to find the mold. I found a bakery that sold the ballet slipper. Yes! The lady I spoke to said there are several in stock. Lord willing, I'm planning on stopping by there either tomorrow or the next day to pick up a couple sheets. The next thing is experimenting on the cupcakes. I've never brushed painted on candy molds, so we'll see how easy or hard it will be. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I have to brush on the white candy in the molds in order to have white laces and trim. After it's set (chill in freezer), then I will pour the pink candy for the shoes. I'm also thinking about piping chocolate pudding inside the cupcakes. Wouldn't that be good? I've never done it before, so I have a question for you big time bakin' mommas. If I decide to insert pudding inside the cupcakes, does that mean I will have to keep them refrigerated? If so, I may have to rethink it because I don't have the refrigerator space available.

I haven't seen the mold from Bake & Decorate, but this is the mold sold online. I'm sure it will be similar.

Of course, I will be making the ballet slipper cookies from "Melissa" that started this whole idea.

I just hope my cookies turn out half as pretty as these. I just love them!

Colton Teething
Doug was so sweet as to stop by Walmart and pick up a couple of teething rings for me. The one teething ring is the basic that you keep in the freezer. The other one, which is my favorite, doesn't require being frozen. The teether vibrates as soon as the baby bites down on it. I loved using it for Katie because she started teething at a very young age as well and she didn't like the cold teething ring. The vibrating teether wasn't cold and it felt good on her gums. I tried the vibrating teether on Colton tonight and oh man, he liked it. I had to press down on the button to start the vibration. It didn't take long before he began chomping down on it.

New Photographer Ready For Business
A friend of mine, Allison, has finally accomplished her dream to open up her very own photography business. She specializes in photographing pets, but not limited to just animals. She will take "Fiddo's" whole family portrait, which I think is pretty special. I had a poodle growing up, Peanut. He loved having his picture made. He would even pose for the camera. I'll have to find a family portrait with Peanut in it, just so you can see for yourself. If your "Peanut" is just as special to you, you'll have to check out Allison's website here. On a side note, she supports the Cullman County Animal Shelter, which I think is pretty awesome. I checked out the cats and dogs available and they are so cute. If you are in search of a new family member, you'll have to check out these precious animals that need a home.

Speaking of Animal Shelters, I saw on our local news where Calhoun County's Animal Shelter is losing money and will be forced to close, if money doesn't come in. All funds received will go towards the care (electricity & water) and food for the animals. If they are forced to close, all the animals that are currently in the shelter will have to be put down. If your interested in donating or adopting a pet from this shelter, CLICK HERE for more information.

Photos supplied by Allison Almand, "Almand Photography"

To Do List
I've kept a very long "To Do List" for some time and I'm finally beginning to see it get smaller. Finally! As you know, last year Doug and Millard built Katie a swing set for her birthday. We were adviced to spread 6" of mulch around the set. Well, we never got around to it and I don't want to push our luck. So I've been on the phone most of the morning with numerous nurseries and lumber companies getting quotes. Peggy gave me the numbers to a few lumber companies that sold mulch by the scoop/bucket. I think we've found a company with the most reasonable price for truck loads. Now, how many truck loads will we need to spread around the swing set? I guess we'll see when we actually go and get the mulch.

The next big project is replacing all the cocking in our bathroom. Mom informed me that it will be hard work ripping out all the old cocking. Ugh! I'm not too excited about this project, but it needs to be done. I don't think any cocking throughout our house has been replaced since it's been built (1970's). It will look so much better when it's complete. Hopefully when we finish the bathroom, maybe we can do some cocking in the kitchen and around all the windows throughout the house. I have to remember to do one thing at a time. Right?

Of course, I will probably regret getting the doorbell project accomplished. Yeah, we really haven't had a doorbell since we moved into this house. Doug won't say that because we did, but it always sounded sick (to me). Then, it finally died after a big lightning storm. I've been checking into wireless doorbells. I think I found one from Home Depot that I like. It has 8 chimes for the front door and a completely different tone for the back door. Pretty cool! I'm still looking around online. I don't know anything about wireless doorbells, so I need all the advice I can about this product. Please feel free to comment about it.


Linda said...

I don't know if you will get the email I sent you to respond to your questions about cupcakes.... so I will post the contents here too....

I'm glad you found me! ... and thank you for your prayers.... it has been an extremely tough week... but I'm hoping I turned a corner.... I went to an orthopedist yesterday who changed the drug regimen... and for the first time in almost 6 weeks... I didn't have far so good this morning... I'm hoping and praying that this will finally work... the good news was that it isn't bone related... and "just a muscle strain" ... not sure how anyone can say "just" a muscle strain....muscle strains are wicked.

As for your cupcakes... I see no problem leaving them out for several hours.... just keep in a cool place .... so the frosting doesn't melt...but I would refrigerate them if you make them ahead. If space in your fridge is limited.... I would make the cupcakes ahead... cover and store on a plate.... prepare the pudding and keep in the fridge.... and prepare the icing ahead.... just assemble it a couple hours before the party... It takes me about a half hour to insert the filling and frost them... the pudding goes in fast and even of the cupcake splits a bit... it's covered with the frosting..... and as for the frosting... use a pastry decorating bag and tip ... you can frost a lot of cupcakes in no time.

Have fun... I love making cupcakes!


Allison said...

How cute those plates and party decorations are! Where did you find those? Thanks for mentioning me! If you want some photos sometime I'll give you a special rate! :)
Thanks again!