Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I think all of the men in our family had a real nice Father's Day. We started the day by having Colton dedicated to the Lord this morning at 9:15. Several family members were able to attend and we appreciate every one that shared a very special moment with us.

Doug, Katie, Colton and myself were backstage of the church auditorium for the dedication, while everyone waited patiently for us to come out on stage. I had to explain to Katie what we were doing because the lights went out and she was saying "oooh mom, what happened to the lights?" Katie ran into one of her little friends, Heather. Of course, they had to talk and play (quietly). When we made our way to front stage, Katie began waving to June and Nicholas. She continued waving until we left the stage. I have to say, she did good because I was afraid of what might come out of her mouth. I was really surprised after the dedication. I figured she would want to stay with us during church. Nope, she asked to go to her class. I guess it's a good thing that she enjoys her class.

After church, Millard & Peggy came to our house for lunch. We decided to pick up our dinner from The All Steak. Everything was really good and we had my "Father's Day" cake for dessert. I couldn't hardly wait to cut into it. I was excited to find out how the fondant tasted. I thought it tasted good, a marshmallow flavor. Leslie compared it to a moon pie, which I think she's right. Several people seemed to like it (looks and taste). Susan couldn't believe I made it, she kept asking if I really did make it. I guess she was waiting for me to admit that it was bought.

At June's house, Katie hit the pool. She didn't come out except to eat supper and when we left to come home. It was so hot today (approx. 95 degrees). Even the pool water was like bath water. I think Nic said that the water temperature was around 80 degrees. Yuck!

Colton got his first experience in the pool. I don't think he liked the glare off of the water. He didn't stay long because we were afraid he might get a sunburn. Later in the evening, we brought him back outside before we left.

More pictures are on the photosite. I hope to hear that you had an enjoyable weekend.


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