Friday, June 19, 2009

Katie's Last Day At Swimming Lessons

Katie did so good with her swimming lessons. If you haven't noticed she has a slight fear of jumping into the pool. I think it's because she's still learning to keep her mouth closed and holding her breath long enough to go under water. Every morning, she tells me that she doesn't want to go under water. By the time she gets into the pool, she gets a little more confident. There is still that slight fear. In a way, I'm glad she has that respect (fear) of the pool/water. I don't think she would intentionally jump into the pool without an adult with her. Every day while we are walking down the hallway towards the gym changing room, she tells me with a big smile on her face, "I had so much fun mom." She knew today was her last day with Mrs. Knight until next year. She had to kiss all the toys and tell RuthAnne "goodbye." As we are walking towards the changing room, she asked me if we were going to see Mrs. Knight again. She seemed happy as soon as I told her we would take lessons again next year. Oh and guess what? She has informed me that she's ready to go back to ballet class. Ugh! When does momma get a vacation? I can hear Gulf Shores hollering my name - M-I-R-Y-A, Come visit me! Oh, I can imagne now {The ocean wind blowing my hair. The smell of sea salt in the air. The sugary white sand oozing through my toes. The breaking of the waves, while sea gulls swoop down to sneak a piece of bread from a local beach bunny.}

Okay, I've waiting a very long time for today's video to upload and process through YouTube. Unfortunately, it's still going through the processing and I'm tired. I even tried to spend my time by answering quizzes on Facebook. Hopefully, I'll be able to post Katie's Last Swimming Lesson video tomorrow.

What's Happening With Colton
I'm so proud of my little man. I can tell that 3 months are fast approaching because he is going through a big change. He likes to look around and nothing passes him by without him noticing it. He laughs when you give him kisses on his tummy and talk to him in baby talk. He is very ticklish! He acts like a little squirm worm when you tickle his ribs. He thinks it's a big game when I act like I'm going to eat his toes or act like his feet stink. When I tell him "shoo wee", he has the cutest grin on his face. I've got to video him one day, when I'm playing with him. I feel like it won't be long before he rolls over. I say this because he can push down with both of his feet, causing his bottom to lift. I've been slowly introducing him to his toys, letting him feel the different textures. He really like the frog teethin' toy. You should have seen him chompin' down on it.

He finally gets to go to the doctor Monday for his 2 month check up. It's a long story, but he will undergo his 2 month check up when he's almost 3 months old. HA! I'm interested as to how much he has grown. It might be just me, but I really think he has gotten much taller. Bless his heart, he is so much like his big sister at this age. His head is much bigger than the rest of his body. Katie was at this stage for many months until she discovered "real" food and liked it. Have you ever just smelled formula? It STINKS! I wouldn't drink it as much either. I guess if that's all you know. Anyway, Colton is still drinking an ounce an hour. He could drink 4 oz. every 4 hours or 3 oz. every 2-3 hours. It just depends. He went back to drinking 5 oz. every 4 hours for a little while, but I guess he got his fill because he went back to 2-4 oz.

He's in a #2 diaper because we've had too many accidents with the #1 size diaper. It just wasn't holding the pee-pee at one time. Trust me, I check his diaper every time he wakes up.

Speaking of waking, he is sleeping a little less which surprises me. I was just getting into a routine. Sleep, wake up, feed, rock back to sleep, etc. Pretty simple, right? Now, he's got me all off. I'm warming up his bottle after a 30 minute nap and he's not hungry because it's only been an hour since he drank 3 oz. What? Then, why is he crying or whining. I think it's because he likes it when momma holds him up on her shoulder and takes him on a grand tour of the place. Can you say "spoiled"? He loves it when momma and sissy "Katie" pays him a lot of attention (talking, singing, showing him his toys, lots of hugs and kisses and let's not forget rocking). He loves to be rocked! He holds onto his blanket with all his might, sucks his pacifier and as I'm rocking, he's eyes roll in the back of his head. Such a sweetheart.

Movies In Review
My hero, Doug, brought home the two movies I really wanted to see "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" and "The Pink Panther 2." I was so excited! We sat down and ate KFC Grilled Chicken and watched movies all night.

I knew I would put too much hype in "Confessions Of A Shopaholic." Overall, it was a pretty good movie, but it wasn't anything like the book. The movie combined both books "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" and "COAS Takes On Manhattan." They had the right situations, but all in different places and times. I wished they would have left it in the order according to the books. They made Derek Smeath out to be the really bad guy, when he ended up being one of Becky's good friends. Some of the scenes, they had Derek and John Gavin mixed up. And it was sad that they didn't stick to the original way Luke Brandon and Becky Bloomwood met. I guess that was my down fall for reading 3 of the 5 "Shopaholic" series. Right now, I've moved on to "Shopaholic Ties The Knot." I've had to put the book down for a little while because of weddings and birthdays. I guess Summer overall. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick it back up by August or September. I may have to revisit the other 2 books to refresh my memory.

Doug and I laughed a lot throughout "The Pink Panther 2" movie. So funny! I loved the first movie and I think this one is just as good. I would highly recommend watching this comedy.


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Maybe you could actually enjoy the beach this year?!! I say pick up your book and RUN to Gulf Shores!!