Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons - Day 2

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I actually made it back in plenty of time to make a few pictures before the next children came in for their lessons. Ruth Anne was praising Katie about her swimming skills today. She put flippers on her feet and taught her how to use them. Katie liked swimming around with her flippers and board. I wished you could have seen her, she was swimming all over that pool. Ruth Anne said Katie was holding her breath better as she goes under water. She continued to have a good time learning how to swim, but she gets so tired. She begins whining, while we are in the changing room. I finally told her that if she continues to whine after swimming, then I can't allow her to take lessons. She starts begging to come back. I told her, she can't act like a little baby that she has to be a big girl. At home after we have all rested, Katie asked me if she could go to swimming class tomorrow. I told her she could as long as she didn't act like a crazy baby. Well, she loved that. "What's a crazy baby?" she asked giggling. I began mocking her actions from earlier this morning. She began laughing and promised she wouldn't act like a crazy baby.

Katie's Kitchen
Katie helped me with supper again last night. We made Grands Biscuit Pizzas. I had planned on putting hamburger in the pizzas, but Maryann was having a crises with Whitney's wedding. I didn't mind helping her out at all and we just didn't put hamburger meat on our pizzas. You know, they still tasted just as good without it.

Check out the mound of cheese

Grands Biscuit Pizzas Recipe
Press each biscuit to 6" round and place on greased cookie sheets.
Top with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni.
Bake in 375 degree oven, 10-15 minutes.
Makes: 8 pizzas

Note: Don't feel bad if you can't get each biscuit slice to 6", I couldn't get them that big either. I think they ended up being 3" instead of 6". Also, I think they would taste good with hamburger, sausage and olives. My first 4 biscuits, I cooked for 14 minutes and they turned a dark golden brown (not burnt). My next 4 biscuits, I cooked for 12 minutes and they looked prettier. I guess it depends on your oven.

Katie's New Hairbows
I want to thank my new friend, Shannon, for the beautiful hair bows. I knew Laura had bought a hair bow from Shannon a while back and she highly recommended her. I wanted one for Katie's birthday party. Shannon was so sweet to work with me, despite her busy schedule (according to Laura). She was so helpful and created three beautiful bows. Yes, she ended up sending me 2 extra bows with my order. Katie absolutely loves them. If you need a hair bow for your little girl, I highly recommend Shannon. You'll have to check out her blog, click here. Here are a few pictures of the hair bows:
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Shannon - Katie wanted me to tell you "thank you" and she "loves them very much." Thank you so much. You did a great job & I will be coming back.


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Laura said...

My favorite Fairy making Pizzas. Priceless. I laughed at that mound of cheese before I saw your comment. Too funnY!