Monday, June 29, 2009

Date? What's That?

Date Night
Millard and Peggy suggested that Doug and I go out on a date Saturday night. It was so nice to be able to get out of the house with my husband, to enjoy each other. While I was getting ready for our date, Doug was on the phone with a friend, Chuck. It just so happened that Chuck was going to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Cantina Laredo with a friend, Ann. He asked Doug if we wanted to join them. Doug didn't have to convince me to go. Shoot! A beef Taco al Carbon, guacamole dip and adult conversation, I'M ALL FOR IT! This was the first time I got to meet Ann and is only the second time I met Chuck. I think Ann and I hit it right off, she was so sweet. As we were enjoying our meal, to my surprise, an old co-worker came up to our table. I haven't seen Simon in 4 years, so it was good to see him. Of course, I had to give him a hug, followed by showing him pictures of our babies. I had such a nice night out (lots of laughes) that I almost hated to see it end. As we were leaving the restaurant, I couldn't believe it when Doug told me it was 9:00 PM. Time didn't seem to go by that fast, but I guess it shows how much fun I had. We'll have to do this more often. Thanks again Millard and Peggy for allowing this to happen.

When we got back from our date, I went to Katie's room to kiss her goodnight. As I'm walking back down the hall into the Living Room, I saw this and had to get a picture. I guess like they say, Like Father, Like Son.

Our Growing Household
Colton's New Chair

Doug brought this chair home from a short trip to Walmart Saturday morning. He talked about getting this chair before because Colton likes to sit up in your lap now. If he's not ready to sleep, he'll fuss to let you know that he doesn't want to lay down. He's been alert for some time now, but he insists on sitting up and looking around. The only down fall for him is his back and neck gets tired after a while. He gets so frustrated, he'll start grunting as if he is trying to stay up. He's still not strong enough to sit in his new chair for a long length of time, but I think he likes it.

Growth Spurt
It think Colton is going through another growth spurt. As you know, he's been on cereal fed bottles this past week. Once I got all the bugs worked out, he was taking a 4 oz. bottle (with 4 Tbsp. rice cereal) every 5 hours. He has been taking his bottle so well and sleeping a little long, which helps momma out a lot. By Thursday night he has been sleeping all night, from 9:00 PM to 5:30 AM. WOW! I actually got some rest. Yesterday, he threw me a curve ball. I was going by a 5 hour, 4 oz. bottle schedule. Nope! He didn't want to go by our newly established feeding schedule. I think he actually started this change Saturday night. Anyway, I ended up feeding him a 4 oz. bottle every 3 hours until he went to bed at 9:00 PM. This morning, I picked him up out of bed and man you talk about a chuck. It took him an hour, but this morning I fed him a 5 oz. bottle. It took him so long to drink because he kept falling asleep on me. Little stinker! He was a happy little camper after eating (all smiles).

Foods In Review
Papa Murray Pizza
Have you every heard of "Papa Murray's Pizza"? Doug brought home one Thursday night. From what I understand, you custom order a pizza and you bring it home still raw. He got a stuffed crust pizza. Now, the stuffed crust pizza I know of is usually stuffed with cheese only. Nope, not this one. It was stuffed with all kinds of meat and toppings like onions and peppers. The cheese and tomatoes were on top. After we took it out of the oven, we devoured most of it. Doug didn't like that it had so many onions, but I thought it was so good. I told him the next he orders it, just get it without onions. Simple enough.

New Products
My New Favorite Cleaner
I've always been a big fan of Greased Lightning, but I went astray. I've been having problems getting rid of mildew stains in my bath tub. Not even Greased Lightning would remove it, even after strubbing the tub. Nothing! At Walmart, I picked up Arm & Hammer Scrub Free with Bleach spray cleaner. I don't know what possessed me to get it, I just know I was frustrated with the stains in my tub. So, I wanted to try something new. Like always, I was running around the house with laundry, dishes, kids, etc. I had to run Katie to swimming lessons and knew that I needed to clean out the tub. I sprayed the tub before I left for swimming lessons and by the time I got back home, the stain (I was complaining about) was just about GONE! Oh my gosh! I couldn't hardly believe my eyes. So, I sprayed it again (all over the tub/walls) and waited a little longer. All I did was turn on the shower head to spray off all the cleaner and my tub looked as if I scrubbed it clean. I love this stuff. Yeah, it smells of bleach and I'm very sensitive to chemical smells. I normally get really bad headaches after cleaning our bathroom with strong chemicals. With this cleaner, I opened up my bathroom window and turned on a vent in order to get out most of the fumes and that seemed to help my head. The other day, I tried this cleaner on my shower curtain liner. Wow! It cleaned all the mildew off of it and it looks brand new. I highly recommend it!

Political Update
Cap & Trade Bill
I just emailed my state Senators regarding this bill and I encourage you to do as well. As you may know, this bill barely passed the House and it is headed to the Senate this week. Supposedly, this proposed bill is to help for "cleaner fuel/energy." From what I understand this 1000 page bill, all US carbon companies will have a cap. It they exceed that cap, they have to purchase allowances or permits to cover the excess emissions. There is a fear that if this bill passes it will not only increase mine and your energy bill, it will force these companies to move to other countries. Now, I don't know about you, but I think we've had enough manufacturers move out of the country because of government influences. EPA says they "ASSUME" a bulk of these purhased allowances will go towards lower income families and people in general as a rebate. They feel this energy rebate will be used to encourage Americans to buy cleaner energy like the energy saving lightbulbs. Come on! You can't tell me that if someone receives a rebate check, they will go out and purchase lightbulbs with it. They did add maybe people will use the money on consumption of other goods and services. The majority of the American people will probably use this "rebate" check to pay off already existing bills. Personally, I feel there are too many loop holes and why run the risk of these companies leaving the country. And who will have to pay for another falsed policy? You got it! YOU and ME.


The Thorsrud Family said...

LUCKY YOU! I need a date. I am still waiting for Carson to be 6 months old. He's almost there! Once we get going, we do try to take a date every month, if not month and a half. It's hard....but WE were together before they came along, and WE will be together when they leave home. Good for you guys for getting out! I'm jealous!

thekeyes said...

is it papa murphy's pizza cause we have that same thing and it's called papa murphys. It's great. We love the garlic chicken pizza. if it is the same you have to try that one! Anyway allan is watching the micheal jackson thing on t.v. so it looks interesting with a sad twist. I'll talk to you later!