Monday, June 8, 2009

Fired Up For Ballet Party!


A friend of mine, noticed on my Facebook that I was planning a Ballerina themed birthday party for Katie. She called me up and suggested that I make her a tutu for her to wear during the party. I explained that I figured Katie would wear either her practice leotards or her recital costume. Cassandra told me, I had to make the tutu because it was so simple and she thought Katie would really like it. She emailed me a picture of the ones she has made from elastic and tulle. The only thing I have a problem with the elastic waist, you have to put it around a tin can (equivalent to a child's waist)of some kind in order to tie on the tulle. I found a video on YouTube "How To Make A No Sew Tutu". This video sounds even more simple than Cassandra's version. The lady uses ribbon instead of elastic. You'll have watch it & find out how it's made. The end result is so adorable. I may not be able to make it for Katie's party, but I will have to make her one or two.

I was able to get the ballet slipper candy molds the other day. Now, I've got to practice painting the trim (white laces) on pink shoes. I've been checking out a lot of blogs that specialize in cupcakes in order to get some ideas. Wow! Some of these cupcakes that I've seen pictures of are so beautiful. It will be interesting to find out what these cupcakes are going to look like.

Colton's Doctor Appointment (2 month old check up)
I guess I'm going to have to measure and weight Colton myself. I say this because Dr. Lunsford's office called yesterday to reschedule Colton's 2 month appointment for the second time. The child will be 3 months old before we are able to get his 2 month old check up. Ha! When the receptionist told me that we needed to reschedule, I just started laughing. She seemed puzzled when she could hear me laughing. I explained that this was the second time, they've called to cancel and reschedule. I told her to tell Dr. Lunsford to hurry up, get over his vacation and get back to work. He's not really on vacation, but I like picking on him.

Mom & Katie Getting Cabin Fever
At least Doug got me out of the house this past weekend, but poor Katie wants to get out so bad. She asked me this morning if we were going any where today. I told her "probably not". She thought for a minute and said, but mom I just want to go some where. You could tell an idea struck a brain cell. As she looks at me as the thought entered her mind, she asked "can we go to Walmart?" When I told her that I would have to think about it, she said "I just want to go to Walmart". What can you say after that and knowing she's been cooped up in the house. I had so many plans for her and I this Summer, but I'm still so nervous with Colton because of his meltdowns.

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