Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mom, Colton Touched Me!

Katie and Colton have already started fighting. HA HA! I've been telling Katie to pull her hair back before playing with Colton because he will begin grabbing soon and he will accidentally grab her hair. Sure enough, we were playing with Colton in the floor, Katie's hair was hanging down close enough for Colton to grab it. "Ouch! Mom come get Colton," I could hear from the Kitchen. I had to give her the "I told you so." He got a hold of it one more time before I got him up to feed. The next thing I know, Katie is yelling "mom, Colton keeps scratching me." Well, I had just cut his nails, so I know it wasn't because his finger nails were too long. I told her not to sit so close to him because he doesn't mean to scratch her. Colton just turned 3 months and they are already fussing. Ha!

Colton thinks he is too big to lay down when he is awake. Unless, someone is in the floor playing with him, he doesn't like it at all. I've put him in his rocker and he spends a few seconds trying to sit straight up. I guess he thinks he is too big to lay down and I think, he associates laying down with sleeping. He fights sleep with everything in him until he finally gives up.

I was so proud of Katiebug today. We haven't been committed on our learning (ABC's, numbers & etc.). If you remember, I started number and letter recognition with her. I created these sheets the the letter both in uppercase and lowercase along with photos that begin with the letter. We've only gotten to the letter D because Katie would have difficulties recognizing the letters. For the past couple months, I've gone away from the letter recognition to focus on counting objects because she seemed to not understand how to count objects or count her fingers. Now, she is doing much better counting on her fingers and counting the objects on a piece of paper. I thought today I would bring back the letter recognition. Would you believe she remembered the letters "A" and "B". YAY! I had her give me a high 5, for remembering the letters. I'm hoping this will encourage her to learn more. I know it encourages me because there are times where I feel like I'm teaching her nothing. She loves playing the games with me like "where do they belong?" and "what number belongs?" "Where do they belong?" contains 6 pictures to a sheet of paper. Today, I had a fish, bird and spider. Katie is suppose to draw a line from the animal to where they live. For instance, a spider lives in a spiderweb. A fish lives in water. She really likes this game. "What number belongs?" is a fun way to learn number recognition and counting combine. She has to count the amount of one object and circle the number listed below. She gets a little mixed up on number recognition, but she'll learn.

Katie is doing so much better with her "Rewards." She's getting dressed in the morning much easier, cleaning up after herself and do little odd jobs for mom without acting like a drama queen about it. She tells me every morning that she's got to get those rocks in her jar, so she can go to the Disney Store and get Jasmine & Snow White. Hey, whatever works. Right?


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