Thursday, June 18, 2009

Katie's Swimming Lessons - Day 4

Prez Is Frowned Upon
President Obama didn't get a warm praise from PETA after slapping and killing a fly during an interview. According to PETA, not only do animals have rights, so do insects. They reported that the president should have done the catch and release. I have one thing to say. What a crock? While PETA is mourning the loss of their fellow fly, I raise my fly swatter and say "POWER TO THE PEOPLE."

New Bluebell Ice Cream Flavor
I've discovered a new favorite ice cream flavor. Normally, I just pick up plain chocolate ice cream. I would consider myself a chocoholic and this new flavor is right in that category. What's it called (you're probably wondering)? It's called "Groom's Cake". You will find chocolate ice cream with the following added: chocolate cake pieces, chocolate heart-shaped candies with strawberry cream inside, strawberry glaze swirls and chocolate icing. I really like it.


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thekeyes said...

I agree with you.. power to the flyswatters! get a life peta. I don't like animal abusers but at some point you just gotta say survival of the fittest. lol