Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is Colton Teething Already?

Doug doesn't believe me, but I think Colton is showing signs of teething. For instance, he's a little cranky; he wants he's pacie all the time now; He's hungry, but as soon as he bites down on the nipple, he begins to cry. Bless his heart, he'll cry off and on when he first starts to eat. He's spitting up a little more than normal. He doesn't stay asleep long. When he realizes that he's in bed and I'm not holding him, he'll start crying until I pick him up. Trust me, I let him cry for awhile. He's drooling a little bit and you can feel his teeth under the skin.

Swimming Lessons
Talk about cutting it close, but RuthAnne was able to fit Katie into this year's swimming lessons. It was my fault. I just wanted to get over ballet first, before getting ourselves into something else right away. She starts her classes June 15th and it be every morning for the whole week. I haven't talked to her about it because she will drive me crazy until then.

Katie's Birthday Party
Guess what? Katie liked the idea of having a Ballerina themed birthday party. I asked her over and over, if she was sure that she wanted a Ballerina party. She assured me that she did. I've been working hard as to find party supplies and a place to make the ballet cake. We decided to have Katie's party the day after Whitney & Zayne's wedding, which is Sunday, July 19th @ 5:00 PM. We're not having anything big, since this will be her 4th birthday. We'll just have family over, which will be big enough. LOL! I had no problem finding the party supplies. Celebrate Express has the ballerina theme, which works out great and she liked it. I did find a local cake decorator, "Creative Cakes", that makes ballet cupcakes, but she's already booked the week of Katie's party. Yuck! She had a picture of cupcakes with ballet slippers piped in the middle of each one displayed on her site. Here's the picture: Really cute. So, I think I'm going to try it again. If I can find a ballet slipper candy mold, I believe I can make the cupcakes and just place one of the candies in the middle of each one. I would try to pipe the slipper on them, but it would be very time consuming and I'll be a nervous wreck. I've found the mold online, but they are from stores I've never heard of. So, I'm kind of concerned about it. I think I'm going to call one of my local decorators and see if they may have one I could buy or find out where I could buy one. Wilton had a great mold online, but it's discontinued. GREAT! They also had a ballet slipper cake pan mold that I could decorate. As a last resort, I guess I could purchase it and just do a lot of practicing. If you know of a specific place, you trust, that I could purchase the ballet slipper candy mold, please let me know. I'm not giving up, I will succeed.

Child Dedication
It's that time of year again. Our church will be having a Parent/Child Dedication on June 21st at 9:15 AM. I've got Colton's registration form all filled out and ready to mail back to church. Honestly, I didn't think we were having another one so soon because we just had one in the month of January. We have had a lot of babies born within the past few months. I guess that's the reason for June's dedication.

As you may know, Katie will be one of two flower girls at Whitney and Zayne's wedding. I've been slowly getting her ready for the big day. The only thing I have left to get is a pearl necklace. I've been pricing them here and there, but no such luck. That is until Peggy told me about Doug Doggett Jewelers. I called them up and they gave me a very reasonable price for a child's pearl necklace. The lady said that if I didn't see anything in the display case, I could order one to be strung up. Alright! Now, we are talking.

I'm suppose to schedule a hair appointment the week before the wedding. I was thinking about having Katie's hair fixed by a hair dresser instead of me doing it. Now, I don't know. I've decided to put Katie's hair up and pin a halo on top of her head, instead of using the silk headband. I'd like to play some more with her hair to see if I want to fool with it the day of the wedding. I know I'm going to have to buy some pink nail polish because Katie will want her nails painted. Already, she thinks I'm going to paint her nails this bright pink. I don't think so. One day, I'll have to do a practice run, take a few pictures and let you see for your opinion.

Belk had some great sales this past weekend. I bought a dress for the wedding and I think you'll be surprised because it doesn't even look like me. I like it pretty good. I'm trying to get use to today's fashion. The clothes are made from this material that likes to cling to you, no matter what size you try on; therefore, you can see every nook and cranny. Before it's said and done, I may have to take the dress back. Let's just hope, I loose more weight before July.

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Laura said...

Are you just wanting a real pearl necklace for a particuliar reason? My BFF Leigh could whip out a faux one in no time for cheap if you just told her what length you needed. She makes all of Alise's jewelry and has made her a pearl necklace.