Friday, June 26, 2009

Genealogy Stories

Allison - hey, thanks girl for letting me know about the dolls. I really hope Katie will like these Groovy Girls dolls. You'll probably think bad of me, but I got all of them off of eBay. Normally, I don't purchase birthday gifts off of eBay, but they're brand new or like new for really reasonable prices.

Katie brings up the Snow White & Jasmine dolls often. She needs to work on getting some rocks in her jar, so we can go to Disney. I try to make it easy for her, like tell her to change her clothes for a rock. I told her to empty her travel bag, full of toys, into the toy box for a rock. The bag is still full of toys by her bed. Oh well, it's her fault if she doesn't get all the rocks into her rewards jar.

My Genealogy
I've been busy this afternoon, working on my genealogy through Facebook. I found a group for the Adkins & Powers families. Believe it or not, but I couldn't find a group for the Brindleys. There are so many Brindleys on Facebook from the states and UK, I was surprised when I couldn't find a group for them. So I created my own group for the Brindley family. I'll work on it, whenever I possibly can. Right now, I have a picture of the coat of arms, Mace T.P. Brindley's picture & a short story about Phoebe Riggs Brindley. I've got this huge book that's full of information about my family history. They are mostly biographies from past family members. I've gotten my hands a hold of the books and made copies of them. Most of them have family trees in the back of them. The newest book I have is "The Story of Brereton Hall Cheshire" by Arthur L. Moir. Brereton Hall is a castle from supposedly where the first "Brindleys" resided. Through the years, the family name went from "Brereton" to "Brindley" or other versions like "Breton," "Bretune", and "Brindlee." The castle eventually was made into a school. I will quote a paragraph for you.

'Brereton Hall near Sandback in the Cheshire plain was built in the days of Queen Elizabeth I by Sir William Brereton, who became the first Lord Brereton. His ancestors had probably lived on the spot for centuries. But the history of Brerton did not begin with the building of the Hall. It already had a history of at least 500 years, though its name was then spelt in various ways, Bretune, Breto, Breton, Brerton, Breerton.'

Royal Sabotage
I found this interesting. Sir William Brereton, owner of Brereton Hall at the time, was a member of the King's household. He was executed on Tower Hill in London falsely charged with being a lover of Queen Anne Boleyn. Shame, shame on William. Okay, here's more to the scandal. According to the book, in the year 1536 a Tournament of knightly sports was in progrss at the Tilting-Ground at Greenwich. King Henry VIII & Queen Anne Boleyn were there. The Queen accidentally drops her handkerchief and a chivalrous knight picked it up on the point of his lance and handed it back to the Queen. The King was furious and ordered the knight, Sir William Brereton and 4 companions arrested immediately. They were carried off to the Tower of London and charged with High Treason as lovers of the Queen. Anne Boleyn was arrested a few hours later and never saw the King again. King Henry was watching for a chance of deposing the Queen and this was his opportunity. A jury of Henry's choosing was impanelled and the 5 prisoners were hastily tried and though they pleaded "not guilty" were sentenced to death and beheaded on Tower Hill on May 17th 1536. The names of the condemned were Lord Rochford, Anne Boleyn's brother; Sir William Brereton; Sir Henry Norris; Sir Francis Weston and Mark Smeaton, a mere boy, who pleaded guilty under torture. The Queen was beheaded 2 days after at a scaffold within the Tower. The booming of a gun at 9 a.m. was the signal that all was over, the Queen had been decapitated. The next day the King was betrothed to Jane Seymour, and the marriage took place 10 days later at York Place, privately. Hmmm Hmm, some men! I guess I'll be more careful when it comes to dropping things and someone else picks them up for me. Ha!

Food Recall
Have you heard about the Nestle Toll House Raw Cookie Dough recall. There have been reports of some people getting sick after consuming cookie dough from Nestle Toll House. They are working closely with the FDA and CDC to resolve this problem. The recall doesn't include other Nestle Toll House products like already baked cookies, all varieties of morsels, chocolate baking bars, cocoa or any ice cream products with cookie dough ingredients. For more information, CLICK HERE.


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My Family Name is Brewington and it was Brereton.In The 1600's when William Brereton Come to America, His Son William Brereton Changed his last name to Brewington.