Friday, September 24, 2010

Cleaning Out

As you know, I've been cleaning out closets and our storage building.  Was able to pass down 4 garbage bags full of clothes to other moms with small children and expecting mommies.  The clothes they didn't get and clothes I can't wear anymore went to a local center for the homeless and needy.  I have a few nice dresses and outfits, I'm hoping to get something out of them.  Today, I finished getting them ready to list on eBay.  Take a look.  If you're interested, I'll let you know when they will be listed for auction. 

Bonnie Jean Corduroy jumper dress ~ Size 5

Colton, of course, helping me out

New with Tags ~ Bama Cheerleader dress ~ Size 4  ~ I hate it that Katie never got to wear this, but she went through a huge growth spurt at during the time

Rosalina Football Smocked Dress ~ Crimson Red, White gingham ~ Gray megaphones & football ~ Great for a Bama football fan ~ Size 3T

Bonnie Jean Navy Corduroy jumper dress ~ green frogs with red hair bows ~ Size 2T 

2 Piece Bama Cheerleader Dress ~ Size 4

Rare Edition Scottish Terrier and Apple Corduroy Jumper Dress ~ Size 2T

Gymboree Autumn Polka Dot Jumper Dress ~ Size 5

Smartie Britches 2 piece Autumn Outfit ~ Size 4 ~ Would be great for Fall pictures ~ I absolutely LOVED this outfit ~ but this is when Katie went through her growth spurt, so she didn't get to wear it much

Chantily Place Green Corduroy Butterfly jumper ~ Size 3T

I started to put this costume on the market, but Peggy talked me out of it.  It was Colton's 1st Halloween and I just think it's precious.  I might decide to sale it later, I don't know.

I put lots of things back for my nieces and nephews to use, if they decide to start their families.  I packed away the first coming home and special outfits up for Katie and Colton. 

I've been one busy little bee and the storage building doesn't look so packed anymore.  I did my annual spraying for bugs.  Did a little reorganizing, to make more room and swept it out.  Looks nice and clean.  It's too bad I didn't loose any weight doing it.  HAHA!  You would think as much sweat that poured out of me for the past few days, out in the 90 degree heat and inside a building for several hours, that I would have lost at least 10 pounds.  LOL! 

I went to Belk and picked up a few Fall/Winter outfits and dresses that Katie could wear both to school and church (leggings).  I can't believe how much she has grown, she wears a size 6 in most clothes.  Yesterday, I had to take back a couple of outfits because they were too small (size 6) across the shoulders and get them in a 6X.  She hasn't tried them on yet, but I hope they fit because they are really cute.

I've needed a new comforter for our King size bed.  I love our King size bed, but hate paying the price for the comforter, bedskirt, shams and sheet sets.  Pricey, pricey.  I knew Belk was having a sale on select items for bedding.  I decided to get a bed spread instead of the comforter this time around.  I really like it and it's not so big and bulky.  Well picking out the matching shams to go with the bed spread, I had a brain fart.  I thought I double checked everything at the cashier, but a standard size sham slipped past me.  I thought I got two king size sham, instead I grabbed a king size and standard size shams.  I didn't realize it until I was putting the king size pillow stuffer inside the shams and the pillow wouldn't fit.  Ugh!  I blame it on the lack of sleep lately.  The bad news, I had already thrown away the bag and paper the sham came in.  Oh well!  I guess I've got to make another trip to Belk and get another King Size Sham.   


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