Friday, September 24, 2010

Katie's Progress

We received Katie's first Progress Report the other day. Mrs. M didn't tell me anything that I already knew. She is doing good in school. The only area where she needs work is still her letter recognition and rhyming words. Bottomline, Katie has trouble paying attention. She gets in a hurry because all she wants to focus on is playing, which is to be expected at this age. You have to make sure to get her full attention before asking her any questions or showing her anything. Of course, I would never hear this from Mrs. M.

The report shows she knows 17 out of 26 letters. We have been working on the letter recognition by using flash cards most everyday. When I go over them with Katie, she knows all the letters except for 2 or 3. We go over upper and lower cases.

According to the report, she got 5 out of 10 words incorrect when rhyming. She has some trouble with rhyming words. She gets confused between the same sound at the beginning of words and rhyming words.  She thinks stink and sit rhymes because it has the same first letters.  We're working on it though.

Guess what social development she has trouble with in class? Listening! Listening! Now who would have guessed that. LOL! Mrs. M wrote on the report a note that reads: "Occasionally, I have to speak to Katie about listening a little better." So, guess what? Doug and I both had the same talk to her when we read the report. People laugh at me when I refer to Katie, when she's not listening, as being in Katieland. She drifts off into her own little world until I have to wake her up, back into the real world.


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Laura said...

"Katieland" cracked me up!