Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Gummy Situation

How To Get Gum Out
I had a problem with gum in Katie's hair a while back and I posted about it, but forgot to link the post under an easy tab or label.

How To Get Gum Out Of Hair
Anything slippery like cooking oil or peanut butter works well. The only thing to remember is when washing the substance out of your hair, be sure to wash with shampoo that doesn't contain moisturizer in it. This just makes the oil feeling worse.

How To Get Gum Out of Clothing
About a month ago, she got gum all over her brand new Ariel night gown. What is it with her and gum getting all over her? Afraid that I might ruin her new gown with cooking oil, I tried freezing it in the deep freeze first. It didn't work, so I froze the gown for 3 days and still nothing. It was some tough gum. Knowing the gown would be ruined anyway, I decided to rub a little olive oil on it. It didn't take much effort before the gum was gone. I put the gown on a regular cycle in the washing machine and it washed all the oil out. Spotless! I recommend this treatment to any of your gum problems.


thekeyes said...

umm mirya.. this probably should go without saying but.. do you think that maybe katie might be too young for gumm? i rarely even let emma have it. She is 7. When she does have it it's with me and then in the garbage before she goes and does anything else. lol.. There is no rule saying you have to give it to them. Plenty of other good candy or snacks that don't cause sticky situations. lol..

The Mason Bunch said...

Ahhh, good point Sarah. But did you know that Trident gum with Xylitol is actually good for your teeth and especially small children, like Katie. Our dentist encourages us to chew this gum as much as possible. Katie just has too much fun chewing her gum. LOL! Thanks for the advice, but I think I'll just keep the cooking oil or peanut butter close at hand.

thekeyes said...

no i've never heard of it. I'll have to check it out. I'm suprised a dentist would encrouage gum chewing. lol. I'm going to investigate this more. ;-) I've had to get some gum off a few things before that's why emma doesn't get it anymore but your right the oil works great!