Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luiza Vizoli

Autumn Symphony ~ This would have to be my favorite.  It reminds me of strolling along in the park on a cool crisp Autumn evening.  The lamp post allowing you get a sneak peek of Autumn's sheer elegance and grace.

Luiza Vizoli ~ Featured Artist
I would like to introduce you to our featured artist for today, Luiza Vizoli.  He is a professional abstract modern artist originally from Europe and now resides in Minnesota.

Original Modern Abstract Tree Landscape ~ The multi canvas for a bigger wall.  Just look at all the vivid colors that want to reach out, grab you and drag you back in.  Very whimsical and fun loving.
According to his profile, his  main styles are contemporary abstract expressionism paintings, contemporary impressionist flowers and landscape paintings, abstract religious paintings and contemporary figurative paintings in oils and acrylics on stretched canvas or wood.

Sale Tale of Tree ~ I love the warm effects in this painting.  The kisses of red leaves to remind us that the old is over and gone.  Time for Winter's rest, so new will Spring forward once again.  
His ideas and inspirations came from his travels, from his European route and from his dreams.  His artwork is held in private and corporate collections in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia. 

Fall Tree ~ So warm and inviting.  Capturing all the beauty Autumn offers.
His work is absolutely captivating. If you've been keeping up with my blog, you should know by now that my decorating style is being bold, rich in color and romantic. This means, I love to decorate with bold rich colors such as dark purples, reds, blues, greens, deep warm colors. I LOVE COLOR! With all of this said, I instantly became lured easily to Luiza's paintings.

He sells his paintings on Etsy HERE .  I have to give you heads up, they are not inexpensive works of art by no means.  In my opinion very beautiful and captivating pieces of art.  I only have a few of my favorite Autumn pieces displayed on this post, but he has several different styles for sale.  Right now, he is offering a discount you might be interested in.


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