Saturday, September 25, 2010

We've Got SPIDERS!!!!!!

It looks like we are making a new Arachnophobia movie around here, there are so many black spiders every where. LOL! Normally, I can't stand spiders along with any creepy crawly creature. Around me, their lifespand isn't very long.

When I made our Black Widow Spider, above, I didn't go by any directions. I just went by what I thought. HAHA! Trial and error.

To create, you'll need:
1 medium sized styrofoam ball
Black spray paint
Red Acrylic paint
Small paint brush
Fuzzy sticks or pipe cleaners
2" Black Pom, Pom

Outside, lay a piece of plastic down on the ground (to protect your floor/ground). Spray paint the styrofoam ball black. Don't get too close to the ball and don't spray lots of paint in one focus point. Or you'll end up with this problem.
The lacquer in the spray paint, apparently ate away at the styrofoam. Oops! Like I said, trial and error.

Instead, make nice even coats. You may have to apply a second coat. The spray paint on the ball dried really shiny, which I like the effect. Once finished, make sure it dries completely.

Practice painting an hour glass on a piece of cardboard or a damaged styrofoam ball from spraying too much spray paint on one side. LOL! Once you get the desired size, I liked the big hour glass the best ~ SCARY, paint it on the ball with the red acrylic paint. Allow it to dry completely.

Next, hot glue the pom pom and fuzzy sticks onto the body to form the head and legs. See picture for an example. Once they are dried, bend the legs.

I took a long needle and upholstery thread and pulled the thread through the dried hot glue and legs, tied it into a knot and strung {is that a word} it up on a nail. I adjusted the back legs to make it look like the spider was coming down from the ceiling to grab her next victim. HAHA!

Pom-Pom Googly Spiders

Katie absolutely loves these little creatures and they are so fun to make. Unfortunately, this is mostly an adult craft as well, but they have some much character.

I didn't have any directions to go by, but I've seen them some where when I was a child. They are pretty much universal (their every where!).

To create, you'll need:
2" Black Pom-Poms
Fuzzy sticks
Googly eggs (size: .4")
Wire cutters

I folded two fuzzy sticks in half and cut them with the wire cutter to make 4 smaller fuzzy sticks. Eventually, these sticks will look like 8 spider legs. Twist all 4 sticks twice.

Hot glue a pom pom on the twisted sticks. This forms a body onto 8 legs.

Glue 2 eyes onto the pom pom body.

Lastly, bend the legs to give them character.

Very simple!

Katie has already named them!


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