Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Would You Do?

Local news broke this afternoon with reports of a homeowner beating a man to death after being attacked. A homeowner witnessed a man siphoning gas out of his vehicle. Instead of the criminal running off, he pulled out a knife and proceeded to attack the homeowner with it.  To protect himself, the homeowner grabbed a piece of wood off of his porch and began beating the thief. The thief still didn't give up and the homeowner continued to beat the guy until he no longer moved.

"Deputies presented the case to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office, but charges are not expected to be filed against the homeowner."
Source: FOX 6 News & JOX 94.5 FM Radio Station

After hearing and reading about this case, I have so many unanswered questions.  Like why didn't he call the police when he witnessed this act taking place?  Was he in a situation where he didn't have the opportunity to call the police and had to act quickly?  I feel the homeowner beating the thief to death was a little extreme.  Was there a reason why he made the decision to beat him so hard that it killed the criminal?  I'm hoping to get my answers soon. 

My question to you today is . . .

What would you do in the same situation as the homeowner?

What would I do?
Believe or not, living in the South, we believe in protecting ourself and loved ones.  If a criminal is on your property with the intent to injure or possible murder oneself or others, it is your duty to do whatever you have to do in order to keep yourself and others safe.  Of course, you should try to avoid conflict or injury at all cost.  First, try to get in a safe place and contact your local authorities.  You should in no way try to be a hero, but if your back is up against a wall and no way out . . . FIGHT with all your might.  When someone pulls a knife on you that's an automatic green light, which tells you it's on.  There's no time for meditation and sharing each others feelings.  This probably sounds harsh to some, but that's the way it is sometimes.  Life is harsh and I'll try to protect my babies no matter what.  {This is strictly my opinion}


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