Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dad and Mom's Anniversary/Bama Party

What a great opportunity to get together for a good football game between Bama vs. Penn State than for an anniversary party. My dad and mom celebrated their 55th anniversary July 31st, but they were out of town. So, we decided to give them a party today, hoping it would be a little cooler. WRONG! It was so hot and humid, but we all melted and had a blast. Lots of good ol' friends and family members. It was also a great opportunity for our family to finally meet Chase's family. As you may know, Chase and our Leslie are planning to get married in the next couple of years. Chase's mom, Kelly, and I have gotten to know each other online, but this was the first time I would get to personally meet her. She is so sweet. It was a good thing that his family are huggers just like ours. Very sweet and seem to fit in perfectly.
Everyone signed the "A" before the night was over

Bama Food Tent

Chase's parents ~ Larry & Kelly

Susan and Tim decided to make the anniversary party a Bama football party as well, since most of us would be glued to the television during the party anyway. She got ahold of her connections (family & friends) and decorated the house and outside in all Alabama Crimson colors. It was great! I couldn't believe Chase actually loaned her his signature footballs as part of the decor.
Kevin & Maryann got the cake - Chocolate Peanut Butter accented chocolate covered strawberries.  It was delicious and rich. 

The cooks & foremen looking on ~ ribs, chicken, boar & dove kabobs

We had food, food and more food. Doug and I took the following:
Tex-Mex Dip with Scoops,
Buffalo Chicken Dip and
Squash Casserole
This was the first time I had made the Tex-Mex Dip.  Everyone went on and on about how it was so good.  I couldn't make the guacamole the way the recipe said because the avocado was too hard.  Since I've never deliberately purchased an avocado before in my life, I didn't when how to pick out a ripe one.  Apparently, my wasn't ripe enough.  I tried everything to get it to mash, but I was making a mess.  Needless to say, I filed 13 on the guacamole and it still went over very well.  Personally, I liked this recipe even without the guacamole.  Doug definitely wants me to make it again.  It was very simple and easy.  The things I did do different for this recipe is the following:
  • the recipe calls for 1 can of sliced black olives.  I love olives so I put 1 1/2 cans instead.
  • The recipe calls for 1 large diced tomato.  I love lots of tomatoes and I didn't think 1 would be enough, so I cored and diced 2 large tomatoes. 
  • The recipe calls for 1 cup of cheese.  I sprinkled a little over 2 cups of cheese.
The Squash Casserole was the first dish to empty quickly.  I'm telling ya, Paula Deen has a winner in that recipe.  I love it and will keep it in the rotation. 

The men absolutely love Doug's Buffalo Chicken Dip.  At first, he wasn't going to take it, but I told him that he had better because our nephews would be upset if they didn't get their dip fix.  LOL!  Sure enough, Ryan and Zayne were ready to get some as soon as Doug got it prepared. 

Chase's nephew, Blane and Katie fishing in the pond

They caught one

Some of the Bama fans routing for their team ~ RTR!

Dad and buddy, Ralph
I think dad and mom had a great time and appreciated everyone coming together today.  They were smiling and laughing, really enjoying themselves.  I think their life long friends, Ralph and June, being here added to their joy.  Ralph and June has a sweet sweet Yorkie named Sophie.  Katie and I just loved her.  I told Katie how it would be nice to have such a sweet little dog like Sophie.  She agreed.  We'll have to work on daddy in a few years.  He has put his foot down and told me that we would absolutely not have a house dog.  We'll keep working on him because I think a little Yorkie or dachshund would be perfect for the kids.

Katie blowing bubbles for Blane and Colton to catch

Jon and Kacy

Colton helping get the ingredients out of the cabinet, while I prepare the Squash Casserole.  He had food all over the Kitchen floor and having a ball doing it.

Katie Story
As you know Katie's favorite color is pink, but when it comes to Alabama football apparel it's an automatic "NO". She strongly feels sports apparel are strictly for boys only. I practically have to force her to wear school or football apparel or she will not touch them with a ten foot pole. Saying this, I went ahead and informed her this morning that today's party will be a Bama party and everyone is to wear their t-shirts. She gave me this look as if "you're kidding. Right?" I told her that she would have to wear either her red or pink Bama t-shirt. Still giving me the look, she asked me why she had to wear the shirt for grandma and grandpa's party. I informed her because it was a Bama party. Still confused, she asked "but why does Aunt Sue-Sue want to have a Bama party?" "Because Alabama's playing football tonight." I told her. As she is rolling her eyes and dragging herself to the closet. She caved, "I guess I can wear my pink t-shirt." You would have thought that I asked her to clean the whole house. Honestly, I don't know why she acts like that. The Bama shirts she has are really girly and cute, but she just doesn't like to wear sportswear. She prefers dresses and glittery clothes.

How about that game tonight?  Can you say "ROLL TIDE!"?  I felt that we would have a good chance because Doug said that Penn State isn't that good this year, but never this bad.  I don't think Coach Joe Paterno liked the beaten that they got too well.  Ouch!  His interview after the game was SOME-THING.   He may tell it like it is, but he lets his feelings show as well.  Eeew.

Final Score:
Bama 24 
Penn State 3

I LOVE IT!!!!!!  ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



thekeyes said...

we watched the game here.. yes roll tide. I dont have a college football team and for the most part i stay away and in the nfl but you all might convert me.. if i got to go to parties like that.. lol. Loved all the pictures thanks for posting about all the happenings we really do feel like we can keep in touch with you all better. Thanks!

The Thorsrud Family said...

Well neato! I wish people would get into something around here like that. Tons of fun and fellowship. That's great. Love Colton in the cabinets. Carson does that in a higher cabinet, and I always worry hes gonna drop a can on himself! His favorite is the tupperware cabinet, thank goodness. Well, time for me to get back to drinking coffee and reading the paper. Happy Sabbath Day!

Laura said...

Fun, fun! LOVED seeing all the Bama red!! And Happy Anniversary to your parent, Mi! They look so in love!