Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creepy Tree & Ghosts Welcome September

Alright, I know I'm getting way ahead of the October festivities. I couldn't help myself with all the Fall and Halloween posts here lately. It's making me very antsy about the whole decorating for Autumn and especially Halloween fun. As you remember in THIS POST  just a few days ago, when I found this craft from Disney Family Fun website.  I told you that I would try my hand at these and would get back with you.

Well . . .

What Do Ya Think? I think they turned out so cute. I created three myself and I've got three for Katie to create. The tree turned out better than I first thought. The key is the more you work with it and get it all wrinkled the better it is. I completely enjoyed making this little Halloween welcome scene. They are very quick, simple and loads of fun to make.

Here's what I did . . .

How To Make Salt Dough Ghosts
What You'll Need:
1 C All Purpose Flour
1 C Salt
1/2 C tap water
medium sized bowl
wooden spoon
Microwaveable plate
  1. In a bowl, combine flour, salt and water.  Stir with spoon until compound together.  I had to eventually get my hands in it because with a spoon, it was just making the dough crumbly.  Depending on how dry the dough is, you may have to add a dash of more water because a lot of the salt didn't seem to want to get in the dough.  Once I used my hands, the salt was able to work in a little more. 
  2. Separate dough into 6 equal parts.  I tried to form them into a ball.  This way I made sure all 6 pieces looked equal. 
  3. Begin to form a ghost on a plate.  Just work with it, making a body, head and two arms sticking out.  Make sure the bottoms are flat, so the ghosts will stand up.  I pinched the bottoms (like you would making a pie crust).  A couple of the ghosts, after I pinched the bottoms, I lifted it up just a little so it will have the effect of moving.  Turned out cute. 
  4. Once 2 or 3 ghosts are formed on a plate, place the plate in the microwave.  Using 20-30 second intervals at a time, cook the ghosts for 1-2 minutes total or until they are pretty firm. Note:  the ghosts will be hot, so allow them to sit for a minute before attempting to remove from the microwave and plate. 
  5. Set out the cooked ghosts in order to cool completely before drawing on them. 
  6. Take a black fine point Sharpe marker to draw your ghost face. 

Ghosts setting out drying

Create Personality

Happy Autumn Days are heading our way!

Creepy Tree
What You'll Need:
Medium Size Brown Paper Bag
Small bottle (I used 20 oz. bottle)
  1. Cut the bottom out of the paper bag.
  2. The bag up face forward, cut one side up the middle of the bag (view video, if you need to)
  3. Unfold the bag out to form a large rectangle. 
  4. Place bottle in the middle of the bag (make sure all writing or bag advertisements are on the inside, so it won't show outside)
  5. Gather up all sides of the bag up to the bottle and twist the bag around the neck of the bottle (2 x)
  6. With scissors, cut the two big flaps hanging out in half (to form branches)
  7. Twist the big branches and closer to the top of the branches, cut 2-3 slits to form smaller branches. 
  8. Twist the smaller branches
  9. Remove the bottle and place peebles, marbles or anything to weigh it down in it's place.
  10. Twist the tree trunk around to close it up.
  11. Work the trunk, branches and smaller branches to form it into the creepy tree you desire. 

Finished Project
Have fun and enjoy your little creations! 



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