Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

I've got lots and lots going on right now. That's why you haven't heard from me recently. I'll have tons to post about in days to come. I just wanted to FINALLY wish everyone a very . . .
I love it! Of course, this is probably one of the warmest first days of Fall I've ever experienced. The temps are still around the middle to upper 90s with a high high humdity. If I had to guess, I would think the heat index today was close to 100 degrees. So hot! God willing, according to our local forecast, things are going to be changing around here very soon. We haven't had a good rain in at least two weeks, so everything is wilted, brown and dying off fast. We have a good chance of showers Saturday and Sunday. Cooler temps (mid 80s) are supposed to arrive on Sunday and it looks good the rest of the week. YAY! The 80s and 70s are very welcome to come and visit.

Like I said earlier, I'm currently working on a lot of different projects. Peggy and Millard kept Colton for the day. They enjoy taking the kids from time to time and spend the day together. Meanwhile, it helps me out tremendously. I got so much accomplished in one day that would probably take me two to three days with the children. I've worked really hard and I'm wore slap out, but it was so much fun.

Aren't you excited to find out what I've been up to now? You'll just have to wait darlin's.


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thekeyes said...

i'm excited. I like your projects. They usually inspire me to do something crafty myself. ;o) That's fine about the maillady. WE really aren't in a hurry. She won't be in a size 3t for a while still and it's not cool at all here yet anyway. We are still having very warm days. The nights are bearable but the days are hot hot hot. Glad you liked the pics can't wait to see your pictures too of what you have been doing.. hmm mystery. some fall project i'm guessing.. something for katie's class?? or her dance class?? cleaning out stuff?? hm..