Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Fair's In Town

I've never really been the kind of person that just can't wait to go to the fair. It's a tradition for a lot of people, but they just seem so dirty and unsafe to me. I mean, have you seen some of the people that run these over night death traps. The last time, I went to a fair was when Doug and I were first married. We decided to take the chance and check it out. I wanted some cotton candy and he wanted a candied apple. Well the cotton candy filled maybe 1/3 of the bag and the apple had a really bad spot on it. I did enjoy viewing the exhibits from local folks, but that's pretty much it.

About a week ago, Katie brought home her free pass to the fair this coming week. She asked me if we could go. I told her that I would rather us do something different, but fun. I have no idea what we'll do, but I'd do just about anything to avoid the county fair. I would rather us go to Six Flags than go to a county fair. She didn't fuss about not going, we'll see how it goes this week.

Today, Katie had the opportunity to go to her first fair parade in town. Doug reminded me as Katie and myself were heading out the door. I wanted to stop off at a couple of places before we went to Walmart. When we finished, I began noticing people parking and lining up the sidewalks with their chairs, umbrellas and coolers along the main strip. It wasn't even noon and the parade didn't start until 2PM. I asked Katie, if she would be interested in watching the parade. Not really knowing what to expect, she agreed, but first we needed some food in our bodies. We stopped off at our favorite sandwich place, but it was so packed that I couldn't find a table open to sit down. So, we made our way to DQ to see how crowded they were. Would you believe we found a spot by the window, exactly where the parade would be coming down the road? Jackpot! Katie ran into a couple of school friends, while we were inside the restaurant. I figured we would stay inside, because it was smoldering outside, and watch the parade make it's way down. Nope! Katie was tired of sitting. After she had to go hug "A's" neck, we were out the door looking for a spot to claim by the street. Oh my gosh! We stayed out there, watching the parade come through for well over an hour and there were still people and floats coming. At that time, Katie and I both agreed to call it quits and head for the air conditioning at Walmart.  LOL!  Our faces were red as beets and I have sandal marks (sunburn) on my feet.

I think the limelight of the whole event for Katie was that she got to see characters from "The Toy Story 3" movie and grabbing candy off the streets that were thrown out. I was getting nervous about a few of the children, getting out in the street too far.  I don't know where their parents were, but Katie kept wanting to follow the bigger kids out in the street.  I'd have to grab her shirt and pull her back to the sidewalk.  At first, she was getting a little upset with me, but after I explained about kids getting run over by floats or band members, she didn't say anything more.  It was so hot that some of her candy, tootsie rolls, were getting a little soft. As soon as we got home, I told her put her sack straight into the fridge to harden up that candy, so she can eat it. You talk about being bushed.  We were dead on our feet when we finally made it back home.  Ugh!  So tired.  I did get a lot accomplished and that's what matters. 



Laura said...

On my way to work and from my office window, I can see the city workers putting up the fences and some of the fair rides have arrived at our local Civic Center. I think it starts this week. We've taken Alise before - normally with friends - but I don't plan on taking her this year unless some friends ask her to go. It's so much more fun when you have someone to ride stuff with and Alise loves the kiddie rides. As long as it's stuff like the carousel and the motorcycles and cars that just go around and around, the fair workers don't bother me too much. We don't usually eat fair food because it's too expensive, but boy, it sure does smell good!!

The Mason Bunch said...

Laura, you make me feel like the bad mom after reading your comment. :( Honestly, you hear so many bad reports of county fair rides falling apart or someone always gets hurt here. I'd rather not be apart of that statistic. All I can say is you must have a good company that puts your fairs together, not like ours.

Anonymous said...

County Fair parades....Fun!
County Fair carnivals....BAD!
County Fair exhibits....Educational
Moms who don't take their little ones to the carnival...SMART!

My two cents, Love, Sister Sandy