Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We visited our cousins down South during the Labor Day weekend. We borrowed my in-laws vehicle, so we could all have some leg room. It was good that Henry decided to join us, so Doug would have someone to talk to. All I ever talk about are kids, crafts, recipes and girly things. I'm sure it's boring for a guy. I think all they talked about on the way down there and back was . . . SPORTS.

It was great to see the LA family members and have the opportunity to meet a few new members. Wayne and Laura recently bought a new house, so we enjoyed checking it all out. They've got plently of space and storage area. Wow! We've never seen Donna and Steve's home, so we were glad to finally get to visit with them. We were very well fed while we were there. Oh my gosh, the food!

Saturday, Wayne and Laura hosted an Ice Cream Party for the Alise and a few of her friends. They seemed to have had a blast! Wayne and Henry picked up a HUGE waterslide for the girls to play on. It was the best toy all weekend. Katie still talks about how it was so much fun. Laura served ice cream in cute little personalized ice cream bowls for all the girls. Later, us adults had our own little party. The guys cooked chicken nuggets and fries for the kids, while we had fish and all the fixin's. So much food! We were all stuffed by bedtime. We got to meet a few of Wayne and Laura's friends. Leigh was very nice. I really enjoyed talking with her.

Sunday, Steve and Donna had us over for a cook out. We got to spend more time with Chad and Casey's little families. I couldn't get over how much Chad's little girl reminds me of him when he was little. She is so adorable and always smiling. For her to be only two years old, she was right there with the two older girls. Whatever they did, she was right in the middle of it all. More photos are on our photosite.

Both nights we were there, we stayed up late and got up fairly early. On the way home, me and kids took naps to try and do some catching up. I guess it wasn't enough because we slept in this morning as well. It will probably take awhile for us to catch up with our sleep. LOL!

Katie missed her Grandma Peggy so much that she came by this morning and picked her up for the day. They've been out to lunch, shopping, more shopping and pizza for supper. I'm sure they had a great time together.



Laura said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Mi, for showing the world myself with no makeup and Wayne in his bleach-stained t-shirt! We look like white trash! Just kidding!

SO glad ya'll came to see us! We love ya'll!

Laura said...

You got some good pics, too! I could just kick myself for not getting a pic of the island all decorated for the ice cream party!

You should have seen me driving the truck Tuesday morning with that stupid slide and the tables in the back! Talk about white trash!! Hahaha!!

Leigh said...

It was great to meet you too! Your children are precious!!

Y'all will have to come back soon so we can do this again!!

Thanks for not holding it against us that we are LSU fans....(;

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm Laura's blog friend. I just had to come over & see the pictures from ya'lls weekend, since she was slack in that area! I know y'all had a great visit.