Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We hope you had a great and safe Halloween night. First of all, I made the biggest mistake by telling Katie it was Halloween and what we were going to do tonight. She was so excited, maybe too excited. Beings that she got out of bed late this morning, I let her wait until 1:45 before taking a nap. I had to go into her bedroom several times to try to calm her down and go to sleep. Nothing I tried was working, she would not go to sleep. At one time I heard her in her room, so I thought I would check it out. I peeked into her room and she had stripped her clothes and diaper off, standing in the middle of her room. She told me she had poopied. Well, there was her mattress in the middle of the floor with soiled sheets. I didn't want to get on to her right away, not until I got more information. I did get on to her about taking her mattress off of the bed. As I was changing her sheets, I noticed the wet pillows and blankets underneath the mattress on the floor. It was obvious she had pee-peed on the pillows and blankets while on the bed. The pillows were too wet for a diaper to just leak that's when I found her clothes and diaper. The clothes were dry as everything and the diaper was barely wet. What am I going to do with her? As long as she was in the room, she got an ear full whether she wanted to hear it or not. Of course, I disciplined her for taking her clothes and diaper off and peeing on her bedding. I think the worst part for her is me taking her TV time away. All evening, she wanted to watch a movie, but I reminder her of what she did. I told Maryann about it when she was here. She knows how the terrible twos have just about gotten the best of me. She told me that Katie knew she did wrong and she was trying to clean it up, which makes sense. Of course, Katie has to realize what she did was wrong and she will have to face the consequence. Realizing she wouldn't stay in bed to take a nap, I sent her to the Living Room to lay on the couch. Finally, she went to sleep around 4:00. She was able to take an hour and a half nap before Nick and his friends stopped by. They were Trick or Treating for canned food items for the needy. I don't think he said, but I'm assuming his school is heading the fundraiser. They were on their way to host a haunted house at school. Millard and Peggy made it just in time to eat the hot dogs, I had just gotten off the grill. Maryann showed up close to the same time. Katie was beginning to really wake up. Millard, Peggy & Maryann brought Katie some treats. Of my gosh the treats! Maryann had a Halloween gift bag full of food (hostess cupcakes, animal crackers, gummies, berry flavored apple sauce, juice boxes, animal shaped disposable plates, chips and etc.). We laughed because of all the stuff. Afterwards, Katie and I ran over to Mom, Dad, June and Pat's to Trick or Treat. Mom had her second shot yesterday and wasn't all that spry. She said the doctor felt she may have to have surgery before long. She said something about the doctor saying there was too much going on in her back. He said the tube is narrowing and the nerves that would be going down her legs are pinched off. He thinks the shots will eventually not help and that surgery might do the job. On the way home, Katie wanted to stop by McDonalds for chicken and fry-fries. She was so happy to get her chicken and fry-fries. We got back home to pick up the rest of the gang and head to church. I think Katie had fun at the Fall Festival. As soon as we drove in the parking lot, Katie spotted the Princess Jumping House. When we got out of the car, she told me that she wanted to go to the Princess Castle. She had so much fun jumping around in there. When it was time to get out, she started crying. I don't know if she was crying because it was time to get out or if she got hurt. I guess we'll find out tomorrow to see if there are any bruises. We got her mind off of it to walk around the festival. She wanted to get on all the big kid's rides and games. Poor thing! She seemed satisfied watching people and checking out their costumes. Buddy, when she found a witch or some other character she knew, she let me know in a hurry. We found a couple of her friends from church, Sophie and Claire. Sophie was dressed up as Cinderella and she looked so tired. Claire wasn't dressed up, but she looked just as tired as Sophie. I wished I had Doug take their picture before we left. We found Katie's Sunday School Teacher, Kathy, she's the one in the ambulance. Kathy is a real EMT and a sweet sweet woman. She talks about Katie all the time, she seems to really like our little Katiebug. It makes you feel good when someone says something nice about Katie's behavior. It's too bad she's not like that all the time. Kathy and Dr. Warner were passing candy out to the little kids and letting them view the inside of a real ambulance. Kathy took Katie inside and she didn't care too much about the candy. She wanted to check everything else out inside the ambulance. It's been a while since I've seen Scott, Dr. Warner, he couldn't believe how much Katie had grown. I guess we got home around 8:00. Doug noticed our next door neighbors were home. I knew Mrs. Evelyn wanted to see Katie, so we hiked over there with our flashlights. I been noticing that Katie is a little afraid of the dark. I thought she was going to cry on the way over to Evelyn's house, but she was fine on the way back home. Go figure! I would have to say that we made a day of it.

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