Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Doctor Visit

Yesterday afternoon was my first appointment with my new OB/GYN, Dr. Kakani. She's a little hard to understand because of the accent, she's from India, but she is very enlightening. Trust me, I was a little shocked when she came in popping jokes and being funny. She told me that you have to have a little humor with this job. When everything was said and done, I have to say that I like her.

I'm sure that you've noticed that my Baby Countdown Gadget to the right has changed or looks different. Well, that's because it has changed. As you may know, I've been telling you that the baby has been showing bigger than what my menstrual cycle is predicting. Dr. Long's nurses just reassured me that I'm just having a big baby. Well, Dr. Kakani's Tech measured the baby during our ultrasound and it is showing that the baby is 13 weeks and 4 days, instead of 12 weeks and 2 days. Dr. Kakani is confident that since the baby has been measuring a week ahead this whole time that more than likely we are a week ahead than first thought. Of course, I'm all for that idea. Dr. Kakani has moved our due date from April 12th to April 3rd. She added that when I reach 38 weeks and the baby looks good to go, she's going to give me that option to take the baby a little early. Whoo Hoo! See why I like her so much? She was wanting to know why I had a C-Section with Katie and after I told her, she suggested that I have a C-Section with this baby. Since I had such a good experience with my last C-Section, I told her that I'm all for it. The little joke now is if we decide to have to baby being delivered on April Fool's Day. Anyway, the baby is still doing well. I got to hear his heart beat and the Tech said it was good and strong.

I've had some people ask me when we could find out the sex of the baby. I really couldn't remember. Well, Dr. Kakani said that we could find out the sex in 7 weeks, which makes me around 20 weeks pregnant. I can't believe that it will just be 7 weeks to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl, which we will be happy either way. I'm still having problems with names because I don't want my children to come up to me in several years and ask why I named them this name. Doug is coming up with names like: Lucy Sue and Griffith. Other people have suggested Major and Zeb. Nothing is hitting me across the head right now.

I'm really hoping that since I'm very close to the end of my 1st Trimester, I'll be feeling much better soon. Because sinus season is getting into it's peak, I haven't felt well on top of my usual sickness. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

When I got home yesterday evening from the doctor's visit, Katie came running up to me and asking if I was feeling better. Peggy said that Katie asked her earlier if I was in the hospital. I guess I feel good that my little girl is worried about me, but yet I don't want her to worry.

Katie Story
I've got to tell you this funny Katie story. She saw me looking through my baby name book. "Whatcha looking at Mom?" she asked. Her and I sat down and I told her that I had a baby inside me. "That's me in there (pointing to my belly)?" she asked. "No" I told her. I told her that we have another baby inside Mommy's belly. "There's a baby in there?" she asked. I assured her that there was. She was all smiles. "And we need to name the baby" I told her. I asked her, "what should we name the baby?" You could tell, she was thinking very hard and finally a light bulb went off. She suggested, "Dora, Boots and Diego." In order to confirm from her, I asked her if the baby was a girl, we will call her Dora. "Uh, huh" she said. If it's a boy, we call him Boots or Diego. "Uh, huh" she said. Well, I don't need to search anymore names. Katie has it narrowed down. Ha!

Praise Report
I spoke to Maryann yesterday and Kevin went through his surgery just fine. He was at home by 10:00 yesterday morning and on some good drugs for the pain. If you don't know, Kevin had surgery on his hand because of "Trigger Finger".

Prayer Request
Maryann, Whitney's mom and my sister, is a bundle of nerves now that Whitney and Zayne have announced their engagement. Bless her heart! As a mom I can understand. You want your little girl to have the most perfect wedding possible. Please keep her in your prayers.


Laura said...

You need to remember to write down the "Boots, Diego, & Dora" story in the new baby's baby book! I loved it!

Glad everything is looking good!

The Thorsrud Family said...

haha. Katies hilarious . You can find out the sex as early as 15 weeks or so I think. HINT HINT. I had ultrasounds at 16 and 17 weeks. haha. :P Glad your baby is happy and healthy!

Sister Sandy said...

Yea, You and Elizabeth are only 4 weeks apart! How fun! Katie is really going to enjoy watching you with this pregnancy! It is amazing to watch thru the eyes of a child. I'll call Maryann later this week. I know what she is going thru. Been there a few times. Love to All, Pat Baby Mason and Kiss Katie Bug. Love, Sister Sandy