Friday, October 17, 2008

Featuring Mariposa

Katie was so excited to try on her Mariposa Halloween costume. For those who don't know who Mariposa is, it's from a Barbie movie. I think it turned out cute.

I haven't decided on what tights to use or shoes.

As I told you yesterday, I couldn't buy the head band that went with this costume because the only places I knew that sold them were sold out. So, I did like any mom does, I improvised. I examined a picture of the head band and created one of our own. It was fun and easy to create. It contains: butterflies, flowers, crystal beads and lots of different colored ribbon. As much as Katie loves to play dress-up, I'll probably create a few more for her.


Pregnancy Health Information
I was reading through one of my new magazines that I received from my doctor, "Fit Pregnancy". It struck my interest because it had to do with Chocolate Lovers. Good news Pregnant Chocolate Lovers! According to the article, "A Yale study found that expectant moms who ate chocolate five or more times a week had a lower risk for preeclampsia than those who ate it less than once a week. Dark Chocolate, in particular, contains a substance thought to have cardiovascular benefits that help prevent preeclampsia". If you're not too sure what preeclampsia is, it's having high blood pressure during pregnancy. Preeclampsia can develop into more serious Eclampsia. Eclampsia is high blood pressure along with seizures. So, chocolate lovers eat up!
(The above information was taken from "Fit Pregnancy" Oct/Nov 2008 issue)


Don't forget the new Disney's Tinkerbell movie is coming out on DVD
October 28th


thekeyes said...

cutecute cute!we are waiting for that tink movie too!

Laura said...

Loved Miss Mariposa!