Monday, October 6, 2008

Katie & Daisy

I would like to introduce Katie's new friend, Daisy. Millard and Peggy brought this scarecrow to Katie yesterday. At first, she wasn't too sure about it. She would just look at for a little while before she would touch it. She had the hardest time coming up with a name for her new friend. Finally at the supper table, she announced that her scarecrow's name is Daisy. I think that is a great name for her scarecrow. She keeps her in her bedroom. I wished you could see her lugging this scarecrow around the house with her. It's too cute!

She loves her Daisy

We were able to get out our Halloween decorations yesterday. We decorated the yard and house in no time. Katie was a little scared of the heads, Frankie & Wolf Man, but she soon enjoyed them singing to her. These are the heads that she remembered from last year because they were her favorite and apparently still are.

I had to bribe Katie to wear her Halloween outfit because as you can see, it's not a dress. I told her that as soon as Mommy gets a few good pictures of her in one of her Halloween outfits, I would let her change into any dress she wants to wear.

Praise Report
If you've been keeping up with Emily Mulkey and her lung transplant, I have great news this morning. A friend of mine emailed me and said that Emily was released from UAB Hospital. Everything seems to continue to do well and now she'll be able to move to her new home in Texas. I'm so happy for her.

I haven't heard anything from Jon this morning about his surgery. His surgery was around 7:00 this morning, so I'm planning on called a little later tonight to see how every thing is going with him. Thank you for the prayers.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Grammy Sandy got Maddie a scarecrow too! A small one on a stick. Maddie loved it, and I wanted it to go outside where it belonged. I knew sooner or later the stick would hurt someone so finally the next day I convinced her to put it outside and every time she goes by it she says ,"hi baby. I miss you. Bye baby" So, the scarecrow is her baby. It's adorable. Yummy apple pie. Post what happens to Jon if you can, I would appreciate an update to know he's alright. I hope you are doing well!

Sister Sandy said...

What a cute story! Maddie loved her scarecrow we got for her. Just shows how loving these two little girls are, they will even share their love with a doll on a stick! Kiss Katie bug and pat the baby for us. Love you all, Sister Sandy

thekeyes said...

we got a scarecrow to put out front a few weeks ago. It's a little one and everytime lilly is out there she tries to play with it. It's not her baby doll but she sure loves tugging on it. lol.. She would probably eat her's if we let her. HAHA
hope jon is doing good. Also hope you are doing a little better with your prego sickness. :-(