Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prayer Request Update

I received an email from Cindy this morning. She attached an email from her sister Judy regarding an updated report on her daughter, Allison. Below is the email in it's full content:

We heard from the Dr. today. The pathologist report showed the tissue to be benign. Nothing cancerous!Thank you for your prayers. It also said it did not appear to be a molar pregnancy,but just to be very sure her Dr. is going to have her come in and have blood drawn for 3 weeks to confirm that the pregnancy hormone level has returned to 0. This will make sure that the tissue has not grown back. We are still not positive what caused this and we may never know,but at least we know more of what it is not. She is feeling really sick from the antibiotics that she is taking. Her husband Josh returned to school in Virginia today. Thank you all so much for your concern.


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