Thursday, October 9, 2008

A visit with Jon and Susan

Katie and I visited Jon yesterday for a few hours. What an adventure for Katie. She's at this age where she'll ask me a million questions about everything. I try to answer her questions the best I can and if she asks me repeated questions, then I answer her question with a question. I do that in hopes to get her thinking. Normally, she answers her on question then I won't have to be one of these parents to continuously say "I don't know" all the time. Ha! As soon as we got on the highway, she asked if we were going to June's house. I told her no, but we would be going by June's house. She was all confused. For a little while, she thought we were going to see Susan at June's house. Every little town or community we drove through, she'd ask me "Mom, where are we at now?" It got funny as we went through several little towns. It was as if her little sponge brain was soaking up everything. She went as far as repeating the names of the towns that I told her. If she said it wrong, she'd say it again until I'd confirm with her that it was correct. As soon as she reached success, she'd giggle and laugh about it. Well that's enough bragging. Ha! Ha!

Jon wasn't having such a good day, as you can imagine. Poor thing! He thought he would try to eat a bowl of Romaine (?) noodles for lunch. He might have taken 2 or 3 spoonfuls before pushing away from the table and heading for the couch. Later, Susan got out of him that it hurt too much eating the noodles and caused him to be a little light headed. I guess he's going to have to stick with pudding, jello and broth for a few days. I felt so bad for him.

Sure, I wanted to check in with Jon and see how he is doing, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit with Sue. I can't remember the last time we saw each other. I knew she wanted to see Katie and I figured she could use some company. I think I was right to go on my assumption because Sue said that ever since Jon's been home, all he wants to do is play his Play Station. He has the cow bell by his side and his note pad to communicate with everyone. Katie really liked getting a hold of that cow bell. Of course, after we told her not to ring the bell, she accidentally rang it a few times. Ugh! Susan had her harvest decorations out to decorate her home. Katie was excited to help her aunt Sue-Sue decorate. I was a nervous wreck because Susan let her put glass figurines up on the shelves and table. Ugh! I just knew Katie would drop something and break it. Susan had all kinds of glass pretties around the house. I stayed on Katie about touching stuff because I would feel so bad, if she was to break something. That's my worse fear when we go to any one's house. Sue said that she's been doing odd job around the house that she's put off for a while. She got her guest bathroom painted yesterday and it looks good. She painted it a coffee color with navy blue accessories. I think we had a good visit and pretty much caught up with each other. It's too bad we live so far away.

No sooner did we get back on the highway, heading home, Katie was fast asleep. On the way home, I took a detour to check out my old home place that I grew up in. Wow! It's amazing how drastically things change when you haven't seen it in a very long time. The neighborhood changes their landscape or build a house or two. The driveway to my grandparents' old homestead had a garage on it that the neighbors took over. I guess they are assuming Uncle Bob and Aunt Nell are not going to need that driveway anymore. Ha! Sandy - the old silver maple in our front yard is dying off. I remember climbing all the way to the very tip top of that tree. At times, I get choked up when I have to pass by my old home. I want to pull in the drive, curl up on the kitchen bench and talk to Mom, while she's cooking something. I've got 21 years of memories surrounded around that place. How I miss it all so much! Well that's enough sobbing.

I must warn you first before you read any more of this subject. You don't want to read this if you are a Democrat, Liberal or an Obama Lover.

I normally don't voice my political opinion on my blog, but I can't keep silent any more. I'm sure like you, I'm very concerned about this upcoming Presidential Election. Sure you can't trust any politician because they speak out both sides of their mouth. What disturbs me is the reports I'm hearing from the media about the association between Bill Ayers (domestic terrorist), ACORN (known for voter fraud) and Barrack Obama. Yeah, Barrack may have been too young to know Ayers when he was in his bombing days, but he was aware of what Ayers stood for when his Senate campaign days were launched. Ayers was right there with Barrack, supporting and helping him. Ann Coulter, news reporter & author, brought up a very interesting question. 'What did Ayers see in Obama?' Did you know that Obama was one of the main leaders of ACORN. He trained the ACORN workers when it first started in Chicago. Now, there are at least 10 states investigating this organization for voter fraud. Are you aware that ACORN gets federal money, your money, to help their "cause"? Now, I'm sorry but this fires me up. Grant it, McCain is no angel by no means and if there was an good moral Christian Independent in the race, I'd probably vote for him. But people that are putting their heads in the sand about the disturbing issues between Bill Ayers and Barrack Obama, are still willing to vote for this man. Obama's spokespeople have reported (making excuses) that was Bill Ayers past and he no longer is violent. FOX News reports differently that Ayers could still be very dangerous. Please pray about this election.

Another thing that fires me up is this $700 billion bailout that fortunately for my state senator didn't vote for the bill. Did you hear what AIG ex-executives did to celebrate this bill that passed last week? I guess they thought they deserved to go to California for some spa treatment. Oh, did I mention that they used over $400,000 of the bailout money to pay for this treatment? What is this world coming to? Well that's enough of my ranting.

A Little Scare
I had a little scare last night. As you know, I'll be around 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Well, I've noticed for the past couple of days where my pelvic & pubic bones are making me very uncomfortable or even hurt at times. Last night, the pain was a little intense and when I coughed, I thought my ovaries were going to explode. I took a Tylenol PM last night and went to bed. I woke up hurting again at 3:00 this morning. I ate a few crackers with a couple Tylenol and went back to bed. As soon as I could, I called my doctor's office to see if there might be something wrong. I don't remember feeling this way so soon in my pregnancy. The nurse was so sweet to call me back right away. She assured me that it doesn't sound like any thing serious. She said that it sounds like a legiment got pulled that's causing the pain and discomfort. Shoo!


Sister Sandy said...

I am glad Jon-Jon is doing alright, and I am sure he loved it that you and Katie came to visit. Wonderful that you and Susan got a little "Sister" time in too. As for the politics, I agree, I too am very angry about all this, but handed it over to God, and keep our country in prayer. Sounds to me like our little baby is "growing". Bless your heart, any new pain I am sure causes worry. You are fortunate that your nurse is so reassuring. Call when you get time and feel like a little more "Sister" time. Kiss Katie Bug and pat the baby for me. Love, Sister Sandy

Laura said...

I am glad you are okay! Hang in there! Are you feeling better and having more energy these days?

The Thorsrud Family said...

I'm glad your alright! If it makes you feel better, I'm positive I have had the exact same problem with my pregnancies. It was always early on too. It hurts, but the babies were fine. I feel like my tummy is starting to explode right now, that's a fun stage too. :P Take care. Love, Liz

The Mason Bunch said...

Y'all are so sweet to ask about me. Thank you!

I wished I could say that I'm running a marathon this weekend, but no such luck. I'm still the same. I just try to color cordinate my outfits with my green face. Ha!

Love you and have a great weekend!

thekeyes said...

i just got done with your apple pie recipe. It was delicious. We ate every bite .. lol and it was only me and mom. HAHA. mom wanted to know if you have any good recipes for cranberry salad? Those apples were so good. Mine didn't turn out pretty but they tasted wonderful. lol. I"m going to have to perfect this recipe with some more tries. yummy yummy!