Monday, October 13, 2008

Show & Tell

Show & Tell
Okay, do you remember me telling you about "The Heads", we have as Halloween decorations? Katie just loves Frankie.

Introducing Wolfman. If you turn on his motion detector or push his button, he will hallow. While his eyes glow, he will begin singing "I'm a Boogie Man".

Introducing Frankie. If you turn on his motion detector or push his button, he will make a spooky noise or say that he wants some candy. While his eyes glow, he will begin singing The Beatles song "Who Can Be Knocking At My Door". It's pretty cute and Katie begs for us to turn them on for her.

The picture above is of our Fall Tree for the season. It's not the greatest, but I thought it turned out pretty good. I don't remember where I got the idea, but I wanted to do something a little less intense compared to last year. All I did was trace Katie's hand print onto a piece of cardboard to make all of these different colored hands for leaves out of construction paper. I cut the tree trunk out of construction paper as well and buddy I had just enough paper to work with. Shoo!

A few weeks ago I got a letter from "Taste of Home" introducing one of their new cook books "The Ultimate Cookie Collection". I love to bake in our family and just love cookies. I wanted this cook book so bad, but I threw away the offer because I've got so many recipe books and really didn't need another one. Well to my surprise, my sweet mother-in-law thought of me when she got her offer in the mail. She bought the book for me and it came with a paperback recipe book for smoothies. It just made my day when she gave it to me. I just hope that my kids will enjoy cooking because they will have quite the collection to get them started. Ha! One day, I'll have to take a picture of my cook book collection. If you like "Taste of Home" and collecting cook books, you'll have to keep your eyes out for a new book that's available now. It's titled something like "America's Best Church Supper Recipes". You know that will be a good cook book.

I hope to hear that y'all had a wonderful weekend. Our weekend wasn't too exciting. First, because Bama Football took a well deserved break this weekend and second, we didn't have any specific plans that is until Will decided to come visit us. Ha! Isn't that awful to say? I just can't trust him playing with Katie outside unsupervised because he likes to play in our road. I've been working on Katie so hard about not getting in the road and she's done so good minding me, but all those threats and scare tactics will go out the window, if Will goes to the road. Saturday morning, I heard this little tap-tap-tap at our side door. Right away, I knew it was Will. He was wanting Katie to come out to play. I've been giving these kids so many excuses on why they can't play with each other, mostly because I've been too sick to go outside and watch them. This time, I gave in. I grabbed me some Gatorade, my shoes and headed out the door. Doug knows how Will is as well, so we both talked to Katie about going to the road. I went a little further and talked with Will about it as well. Doug and I went outside to watch the kids. About that time, our neighbor came outside with Will's parents. They told Will to not come over because they were on their way to town. Well, it's too late because both kids were in the sandbox, covered in sand. I've said in the past and I will continue to say, Will will make an excellent trial lawyer one day. He will argue and debate on an agreement that he can leave with. For instance, he tried to convince his grandmother to let him stay with us while they went to town or if Katie could go with them. I never could understand all of these years, how Will's Mom always just sits there and doesn't say a word. I've seen his dad or grandma tell him because I said so. The mother never says anything, she just sits there and listens to either her husband or mother argue with Will. I don't understand it. Oh well. Will did finally leave after he spoke to me first. He wanted to devise a plan for when he gets back from town. Little did he know, Doug already had a plan for us. Will had to ask me several questions like what time does Katie take her nap? What time does she get up from her nap? What time does she go to bed for the night? When should he come over? I finally told him how about he or his grandma call us when they get in and see if he can play with Katie. He didn't care for that idea and do you know why? It's because most of the time he sneaks away from his grandma and mother to come over to our house. He has done this since he was 2 years old. They never know when he is over here. Now the child is 7 years old and still does it, but now he has learned to lie about it. The first question I ask him is "does your grandma or mom know that you're over here?" He always says "sure". Of course, they never do.

As soon as Will left, Doug asked me if I wanted to go to Target. He thought there was a good deal Target was promoting on their Blu-Ray players. The deal was if you purchase a player and get two or three movies for free, something like that. When we got there, he soon found out that there was much more to it and not such a good deal after all. It's sad when you have a good time walking around Target and looking at all the stuff. I was so excited because I finally found an ice shaver and it was on sale on top of that. Hurray! The only bad thing is that I wasn't lasting long at all. We were gone most of the day.

Visit From The College Students

Friday afternoon, Leslie and Charlie (her puppy) came by to see us. I haven't seen her in a long time and she wanted to see how big Katie was getting along with my belly. Ha! Doug was home Friday, so he made us all spaghetti with meat sauce. Leslie likes our spaghetti recipe, which is very simple.

  1. Cook your noodles until soft and tender. Drain the noodle, but don't run water over them. Return the noodles back to your pot, to keep them warm. Sometimes, I add a little olive oil and stir around to coat.
  2. Cook a mixture of hamburger and mild sausage meat in a skillet until browned.
  3. Add your sauce. We always use "Paul Newman's Marinara" sauce. It's the best!

It sounds like everything is going well with her. She got a babysitting job, which always helps to give you a little cash in your pocket. Katie loved Charlie! He was just Katie's size and she wasn't too afraid of him. Because of past experiences, Katie thinks that all dogs are going to bite her and cats are going to scratch her, all except Montana. Ha! He's so big though and likes to get in her face, which she doesn't like either. With Charlie, she actually got to sit down and we showed her how to pet and play with him. Of course, she is still a little girl and wants to put her hands around his neck, but she didn't hurt him. It was cute and I wished I had taped Katie and Charlie playing hide and seek. Too cute!

Nicholas got to come home this weekend because he is on Fall break through Tuesday. Yesterday, he and June came by to visit for little bit. Katie was so tickled to see Nicholas and June. As soon as I told her that they were coming over, she thought we were going to their house. She was going around getting some toys and asking me if it was okay to take them with us. Finally, they showed up and as soon as I told Katie that they were here, she hit the door running outside to welcome them. Nicholas got to picking at Katie, which is right up her alley. She was wound up for hours until about 6:00. We turned on "The Water Horse", one of her new favorite movies, and she was out for the night. Nicholas is still loving school and is making really good grades. It sounds like he has made so many new friends.

Comment Questions
Sarah - I'm glad y'all enjoyed the Apple Pie and no some times it doesn't look all that gourmet, but it is very good. After I create something I like to go back and tweak it as well, you never know what new good things will come out of it. So create away. You'll have to tell your mother for me that I don't know of a good cranberry salad recipe right now, but I will ask my mother-in-law to see if she might have a good recipe. I'm assuming you're needing this salad for Thanksgiving? I'm one of those people that like the cranberry sauce right out of the can. Yes, isn't it sad?

Well, have a good Monday and take care.


The Thorsrud Family said...

I NEED THAT COOKIE COOKBOOK! I'm going to ask Santa for that one....I LOVE Taste of Home. They are my favorite. Yummy! And a Church Supper Recipe BOOK!?!? That's my kinda cookbook! That Will...I feel sorry for you having to deal with that. haha. I hear you've been sick! We will pray for relief, or a VERY fast pregnancy! I need to update our blog. Our baby bounces all over the place, several times a day. Nolan can feel too now! TAKE CARE!

thekeyes said...

Thank you for all the good recipes you posted. It's fn to try something someone else makes. i like it out of the can or not at all too.. Mom likes it with nuts or soemthing. If you don't find one it's just fine out of the can. haha..hope you get to feeling better.