Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing In The Leaves

Katie wanted to play with the leaves today as we were walking around the yard. I knew I needed some exercise and the leaves were getting a little out of hand in one section of the yard. So, I grabbed Katie and myself a rack to do a little yard work. The one section made a nice big pile of leaves, just perfect to jump into. Well, Katie didn't jump into the pile, but she did have fun playing with them.

Here's a picture of Katie helping me gather leaves with the Mongoose Rack. Yes, believe it or not it's called the Mongoose.

Katie acting goofy for a picture.

She wanted a couple of her blow up toys included in the picture.

Mom & Dad Visit
Mom called me this morning asking if they could come by for a visit. I was so thrilled to have them over because they haven't been in this house for about a year or so. I was so proud of Mom and the way she was able to make it up our driveway, which is kind of down hill, and making it up into our house. She got all comfortable on the couch and tried to warm up to Katie. It's been a little struggle getting Katie to warm up to Mom since she's been out of the hospital. For the past couple of years, Mom's been so sick with her back. Then, don't forget the nightmare that started a year ago December and didn't end until July/August, when Mom came home for good. Today, Katie and Mom actually interacted a little more with one another than in the past few months. Dad and Mom stayed and visited for a couple of hours before they wanted to head down to the nursing home that Mom lived for a few months. They made a few friends there and like to stop and visit every so often.

Mystery Holes

Okay, I need your help. In the above picture, there are two medium sized holes in the ground. There are holes like these all over our property, both in the front and back yards. It's like they just show up over night. I haven't taken this case to the farmer's coop yet. I'm afraid there is some kind of alien living underground in our yard.

Here is a close up of one of the holes. It's hard to tell if an animal dug the hole because most of them don't have dirt around the hole. It's almost like something dug from the inside out. I only took pictures of the holes that didn't have grass around it, so you could see it real well, but there are holes where grass is growing. It's like there's a whole colony of these holes. What could it be?

Barbeque Chicken

This has been a rare thing to see around our household for the past few months. I can't stand the smell of most food being cooked inside the house and I haven't really had the stomach to cook supper. I've felt bad that Doug's had to fend for himself. I wanted to try grillin' some barbeque chicken today and see if it would make me sick. The only thing that made me sick is me eating too much. I ate half of one of these breasts and some steamed mixed veggies. It was so good, but again my stomach wasn't use to me eating so much. Ugh! What a stomachache! I love to baste the chicken in Cattlemen's Barbeque sauce. Yum, it's so good!


The Thorsrud Family said...

what in the world kind of hole is that?!?! Lock the doors :P I need to rake leaves soon and have the kids in it. They would love that. I have been running our of energy lately, so not as much has gotten done. Take care and thanks for the encouragement on MAddie :o)

thekeyes said...

If you find out let me know. I have some holes that look eerily similiar. I have wondered what they are. I never see anything crawling around in our yard but the holes are there. It's strange isn't it? hmm...