Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nicholas Comes To Town

What a day yesterday? Shoo! It all started when Natalie and Whitney took Zayne's little sister, Nia (4 years old) and Katie to the Octoberfest here in town. Whitney and Natalie went on and on about how the girls had a blast, but they preferred the local school slide than the festival games. Too funny! What can I say, Katie is easily amused. I wished I had taken a picture of her before she left. I bought this dress from The Children's Place that she picked out last month in Foley. This dress reminds me of the 60's with these big flowers all over in the colors of yellow, fuchsia, and orange. Well, I thought I would give her the 60's dog ears hairstyle. It's not actually pig tails because they are down low almost below the ears. She looked like a little girl ready to go to school. I should have put on her metallic pink boots instead of her Mary Jane style pink shoes. When I'm feeling much better, we might have to have another fashion show. Ha!

After lunch, Doug and I headed over to Mom, Dad, June & Pat's house for a visit. Nicholas came home this weekend from college and we wanted to visit with him for a little bit. When we got there Maryann and Mom were going through Mom's collection of make-up, lotion and other creams. You would not believe the lotion bottles. I told Maryann that a lot of them are probably from when she was in the hospital so many times. I know Mom's hands and legs would be so dry that someone would go buy her a bottle and then the next thing, the bottle would go missing and we'd have to get another one for her. Mom continues to improve remarkably well. In fact, I have good news. Mom was dismissed from her physical therapist. Her therapist has confidence that Mom can do her own therapy on her own and he foresees her walking with a cane by next Spring. Whoo Hoo! Isn't that great news?!? I don't know if I've told y'all or not, but her feeding tube was taken out as well. Saying all of this, she does still tire easily. We left around 7:30 last night and you could tell that Mom had a big day because she was wiped out.

Maryann and Whitney talked to me more about the wedding. It sounds like they are trucking right along. Zayne and Whitney have apparently set a date for July 18th. They picked this date because Zayne's best friend, Justin Britt, won't be available for the wedding until then. For you Bama fans, yes, this is the same former Alabama football player and now in the NFL. I got to see Whitney's colors on a picture for an ideal bridesmaids' dresses. The color looks like a shiny royal blue with a brown sash around the waist. It's very pretty. I finally got to meet Zayne's mom, Robin. She came over to pick up Nia and drop off some magazines and books for Whitney. You talk about a couple of excited moms. Robin and Maryann had their heads buried in those Wedding magazines and every once in a while, you'll hear the ohhs and ahhs. It was cute. Poor Whitney has got so much on her plate with Nursing School, exams, and passing the board before she gets married. She told me that she didn't know how she was going to plan the wedding in enough time. Please keep her in your prayers.

Katie was worn out that she was asleep before we hit the interstate last night. Her and Nia were filthy from head to toe, but they had a great time together. I couldn't give Katie a bath last night because I was past my down time. Doug was sweet to give her a bath for me. I didn't get much sleep last night because by midnight, Katie began screaming and crying for me. Doug and I couldn't get her to calm down and tell us what was the matter. We kept asking questions, but all she would do is scream louder. Ugh! When we finally thought we had her calmed down and headed back to sleep, no sooner did we get into bed and I piled my pillows around me when she began to scream and cry again. Ugh! I finally told her to come in there with us. Eventually, I went ahead and got her to come in our bed. That poor baby, I don't know what all the fuss was about, but we still had a hard time getting her to calm down in our bed. When she finally fell asleep, I was wide awake. That's my luck! I know for sure that I looked at the clock it was 2 a.m. Then the dreams started and caused me to wake up every hour and a half. Ugh! Needless to say, I'm tired and feel like I've been run over by a Mac truck. We've got Peggy and Millard coming over today, I just hope I'll be able to function.

How about the Crimson Tide? Wow! I didn't get to watch the game on television because the girls, Nia and Katie, wanted to stay outside and play. It was Zayne, Whitney, Natalie and myself sitting outside talking and watching the girls, when Pat came over with the radio for Zayne to listen to the game. I'm sorry guys, but I just can't understand the game listening to the radio, other than when we make touch downs. I have to watch the game to get into the excitement. The guys were complaining about some of Bama's moves that we should have blasted KY on the score board. You know what matters - WE WON! WHOO HOO! ROLL TIDE!

Prayer Request
Please remember my nephew, Jon, tomorrow as he undergoes surgery to have his tonsils taken out.

Praise Report
Thanks for all the prayers for my brother-in-law, Kevin, his surgery on his hand went well. I asked him last night how he was doing and he said it was a little stove up, but good other than that.

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