Monday, December 29, 2008

Is Bama Doomed To Lose The Sugar Bowl?


If you haven't heard the latest news, Andre Smith was suspended and sent home to Birmingham. It's not official, but the word around town is Andre Smith had two agents wanting to talk with him. Well, Andre apparently couldn't stop the temptation and spoke with one of the agents, which is a NO NO! The rumor is the other agent got mad, called "The University of Alabama" and reported the met.

Now, if Coach Saban didn't suspend Andre after knowing what went on, Bama football would be in trouble once again. This would put us at risk of having games taken away from us and probably much worse because we would have known about it.

How irresponsible Andre was to put his team at this risk. What a team player? Doug seems to think that he needed some Christmas cash and I guess he thought he wouldn't get caught. WRONG!

Now that Andre is off the team for the Sugar Bowl against Utah. Will this be an omen that Bama is doomed to lose the bowl? I sure hope not.

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