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battle for the

SEC Championship

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Katie & Anya's Playdate
Well, we finally got the girls back together. I've been feeling somewhat better during the day, so I thought taking a chance and inviting Allison and Anya over for a playdate. Trust me, I took my medicine to help me out. Overall, I think I did pretty good. It was good to see Allison and Anya again. Allison is expecting another little girl in a couple of weeks, so us ladies wanted to just park it on the couch. Ha! I think the girls had a good time playing. I still have a lot of work to do with Katie. Sure, she wants to share, but her method isn't working. Her concept of sharing is taking a toy, she wants to play with, from one kid and replace it with another toy that the other kid doesn't want to play with. This is what she thinks is sharing. I have to say that she began to understand a little better as time went on yesterday. She would wait until Anya would set a toy down before she would pick it up. She also would ask me if she could play with something.

As Allison and Anya were leaving, we talked about us getting back together. We agreed that we would set up another playdate in the month of January. Allison wants us to come and see the new baby, but I told her that I would give them some time to settle in first. She seems to think she'll feel like company by January, so that will work.

PTPA Media
I've always heard of "Parent Tested,Parent Approved", but I didn't know that they had their own website until this morning. Their website has Award Winning Product recommendations that I thought you might be interested in reading. You can click here to access PTPA Media website.

Prayer Request
I just received an email regarding Emily. She was back in Alabama this past week for a doctor appointment, when she had to be rushed to the hospital for blacking out. She underwent a bronchoscopy last Thursday. Since the bronchoscopy she began to run a fever and finally passed out. They discovered that an infection had developed in her lungs, which was aggravated by the bronchoscopy and her blood pressure was very low. Her and her family are scheduled to fly back to Texas early Sunday morning. Please remember them in your prayers.

I just got off the phone with June. She reported a young girl, Jaclyn, that we know delivered her baby boy the other day. Jaclyn was past her due date, so she went into her doctor's office for a stress test and they checked her for B Strep. Unfortunately, the B Strep test came back positive. Her doctor felt it best to go ahead and deliver the baby instead of treating her for the B Strep with antibiotics. Well, the baby has the B Strep and is in really bad condition. They airlifted the baby to St. Vincent's Hospital. The doctors at St. V's told Jaclyn that things will get worse before they get better. The baby's lungs are full of fluid. Please remember this baby boy, Kade, and his family in your prayers.

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