Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Katie Enjoys The Snow

Normally, I have a very hard time getting Katie up out of bed in the mornings. Well, not yesterday. All I had to do was tell her it snowed the night before. She sat up in bed, her eyes all squinted, and asked for confirmation that it did in fact snow. As soon as I confirmed it, she shot out of bed wanting to go see the proof from our Living Room window.

It snowed, heavy and light, all morning until close to noon. Unfortunately, the temps got up to 37 degrees, so the snow only stuck to leaves on the ground. It didn't matter to Katiebug, she just had to get out in it for a little bit. While it was snowing pretty heavy, I coated her up and outside she went. She only stayed in the driveway to feel the snow.

As soon as she got her fix, she was ready to go back into the house. I was little surprised about her decision. She told me she would come back out a little later. I warned her that the snow might not be here a little later. Nope, she was confident that it would.

Later, when she noticed it wasn't snowing anymore, she was all disappointed. She asked, "mom, where did all the snow go?" I told her that the snow went away, probably for the day. With a very sad face, she asked, "does that mean Christmas is over?" I had to giggle at her question because she has been so worried about Christmas. I reassured her Christmas wasn't over. Of course, she needed affirmation that Santa Claus would still be coming and she would in fact be getting presents. It's funny what children worry over.

Attention: Allison and other Moms -
If you're looking for a good buy on the "My Little Pony, Sweet Sundae Amusement Park Ponyville" playset and the double packs of the Ponyville ponies. Well, Target is having a very good sale right now on these items. They've got the ". . . Amusement Park" on sale for $29.99 and the double packs of Ponyville ponies and accessories for $7. I was surprised and antsy at the same time. Katie has been begging for this toy as a Christmas present.

Are you ready for Christmas? I've been working as hard as I can on Christmas cards. Shoo! Thankfully, they are almost ready to mail. Now, I've got to borrow someone's energy to do some serious Christmas shopping. Ha! I'm still working on Mom and Dad's Christmas gift from us girls. I'm trying to think positive and telling myself, we will get it ready by Christmas Eve. I might be working hard the night before, but it will be ready. If it's one thing I know, is working under pressure to meet a deadline. LOL! I hope you are having better luck than I am.

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