Monday, December 8, 2008

"My Son, Charlie"

A Katie Story
As you may know, Katie and I have been talking about our new baby coming. Of course, she is still not too keen on the idea of getting a brother instead of a sister. I guess she felt that if mommy has a baby in her belly then she should have a baby in her belly as well. She'll ask me how my baby is feeling. After I answer her, she'll say that her baby feels good too, as she is rubby her belly. Oh me! I don't know how to approach this situation, so I just go on to the next subject. Well, about a week or two ago, she brought me her stuffed monkey and announced that he was her son. All week, it's been "here mom, hold my son for me" or "do you like my son? Isn't he pretty?" as she is hugging his neck. The whole thing is pretty cute. Doug had not had the opportunity to talk with her and her "son" until yesterday. After church, she got out son and handed him to me. She told me that he was my son. Doug was in the recliner surfing the web, listening to our conversation. I told her, jokingly, that he looks like his daddy. She thought that was funny. I asked her what was "son's" name. She finally named him "Charlie". I told her that I think son wants to see his daddy. She giggled and took him to Doug. Doug giggling began asking me where she got this idea from. I had to explain to him what has been going on for the past week or so.

Baby Colton, The Next Arenas?
As we are going into our 6th month, the baby is kicking more. I've discovered that he loves football games. I took it easy this past weekend, watching college football on Saturday and professional football games on Sunday. The recliner is the only chair that I feel somewhat comfortable. I'll stretch out on the recliner during the games and Colton gets so excited. He'll start jumping around and squirming. I'm at the stage where you can see my tummy moving around now, so it's pretty funny watching him. I guess he is practicing for The University of Alabama football Special Team. LOL!

Movies In Review
I keep forgetting to give you my review of some of the movies, we've rented lately.

Doug brought home "Get Smart" a couple of weeks ago. You have got to rent this movie! It is so funny! I've seen the reviews and first thought it would be stupid, but I laughed so hard. I had to watch this movie twice before sending it back to Movie Gallery.

Don't waste your time renting "Tropic Thunder". I told Doug about a month ago how the Disabilities Organizations were discouraging people in seeing this movie. Now, I know why for more than one reason. This movie stinks worse than the socks of a very athletic person.

I have to say that I was a little shocked in "Fred Claus" with Vince Vaughn. Don't get me wrong, I love Vince Vaughn. I mean, look at him - WOW! He is beautiful, but most of the movies I've seen him in have been pretty dirty. I didn't think Katie would be able to watch it until I saw the rating. It ended up being a pretty cute movie.

"Hancock" was another funny movie. Again, I was surprised! The first thought, while watch the reviews, was this is just another stupid superhero movie. Normally, I love Will Smith and his acting, but you know some times the greatest actors can be suckered into the most awful movies. Now, there is no comparison as far as comedy between "Hancock" and "Get Smart", but it was worth watching.

My dear sweet husband, bought me "Narnia Prince Caspian" for our movie collection. I haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but hopefully I'll be able to give you a review very soon.

Prayer Update
I've got an update on Emily last night. According to Emily's sister, she is on one antibiotic now. Some how she is loosing blood because she will need a blood transfusion. Doctors are testing her to see why she needs blood. She also reported that Emily is sleeping a lot and seems to be a little confused. Please continue to pray for this family.

My sister, Susan, needs your prayers today. Her plant underwent a big layoff of 100 people. God is taking care of her because she had an opportunity to move to another location within the company. It was either that or loose her job as well. Her new job at the new location begins today. She is a little nervous and needs God's strength and guidance.

A friend of mine, Tracey, will be 35 weeks pregnant this coming Friday with twins (boy & girl). She is miserable! She told me yesterday that she has an appointment Wednesday and she'll ask when they can take the babies. Please pray that God will give her strength and that they will have a safe delivery. Tracey and I were both in fertility together 3/4 years ago. She gave birth to Scarlette and we gave birth to Katie the same year. Now, here we are again expecting babies again. It's been fun that we've been able to share this special moment. I'm just glad that she's having the twins. LOL! Shoo! I'd be ready to pull out my hair.

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