Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Silly Side Of My Family

I thought I would post a few silly/fun family photos.

I don't know what my dad was trying to do by posing for these pictures

I thought this was cute because here my sisters are acting silly, but look how mom is trying to keep a nice smile.

June still does this to this day. LOL!

See what my job was when we had motor homes. Yuck! I hated it when dad was working on the RV and he would call my name because I knew what was coming up next. Ugh! I was so abused. LOL! Don't you feel sorry for me.

Pat is at a point. He is such a camera hog because he loves the attention

Susan fell asleep on a sack of potatoes in the back of the pickup

How do you like June's painting technique ?

These are my sisters acting silly. June & Susan are wearing my dad's welding hats

I'm loving June's face in this picture. The kids in this picture are my sisters and cousins at one of many family parties at my grandparents home.

My sisters playing in the snow


Allison said...

Okay, time has gotten away from us today and I'm not going to make it by, but we have Katie's Christmas present so we will get it to her eventually. Maybe after Christmas when you guys come see the baby!
Getting really nervous now, but I'm excited.
I'll be thinking about your nephew and your blog has been really cute lately with all the photos!

Sister Sandy said...

Oh Mi,
How I love seeing these pictures! In the picture where we are playing in the snow, you were in the house sick and couldn't come outside. So you sat at the sliding glass door and we put on a show for you, complete with body slamming, building pyramids, doing cheers, and building a snowman, just for you...our sick little baby sister! Love You, Sister Sandy