Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nicholas Update

Nic made it alright through the surgery this morning. I can't give you all the details simply because I don't understand it fully and would be afraid that I would get a piece of the information wrong. Nevertheless, he underwent 2 hours of surgery and 4 hours of recovery. The doctor told June that he was happy with the out come because he was able to get the problem solved, which is a prayer answered. He spent so much time in recovery because they had a hard time getting him to wake up and stay awake. Mom told me tonight that once he got into his room, he began bleeding. They had to put 10 pounds of weight on him in order to stop the bleeding. After all of this, he is doing fine. I don't know if the doctors will want him to stay over night for observation or if they will come home. Thank you for all the prayers and please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Katie's Ballet Class
Today was open ballet class for visitors to watch the girls practice. I took the video camera and taped Katie practicing. It was so cute watching these little girls running around. All the girls did so good and at times Katie actually listened and did what she was suppose to do. I couldn't keep the camera still for laughing at Katie. There were times when she wanted to show the girls how to do a position. You'll have to watch the video for yourself. I hated that I missed the very end of her dance. It's taking forever to download her movie, so I'll have to post it tomorrow. Sorry, but I tried and I feel like I'm dying because I'm staying up so late.

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Laura said...

I'm glad everything went well with Nicolas.