Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moisturizers Could Cause Breast Cancer

Listen up body lotion users!

Your lotion could increase your chances of developing breast cancer, this information doesn't limit to just women. Men who use lotions can develop breast cancer as well. Doctors are targeting body lotions/moisturizers that contain the Estrogen hormone in them. Check out your bottles before using and make sure that in the ingredients it doesn't list: Estriol or Estrone.

Keep in mind that your skin is the biggest organ in your body. Doctors have explained that estrogen can be absorbed more efficiently through the skin than taken orally. Too much of the estrogen hormone in your body, especially if you have the breast cancer gene can increase your chances developing this cancer. For further information, check out this article supplied by Fox News.

A woman doctor that was on Fox News recommended Sunflower or Olive Oil to moisturize your skin. She added that it is safe and not so greasy feeling, like you would think. Something to think about.
I'm having trouble getting Katie's ballet video onto my blog through Google Video. It's showing just fine on Google Video Beta, but the embedded code that it shows won't work, for some reason, on blogger. Ugh! I may have to just put a hot link on my blog to take you to Google Video, in order to see the video. It's really cute!

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Anonymous said...

I suggest using Extra Virgin Olive oil to moisturize your skin. Chuck Kennedy