Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bunny's in Town

Shocked was the first thing going through my mind when Katie insisted that she wanted her picture taken with the Easter bunny. Then, I was surprised when Colton didn't get upset once I sat him on the bunny's lap. In fact, we couldn't get Colton to stop playing with the bunny's face long enough to get him to look at the camera. As you can see, we did get him to look at the camera once, but no smile. This is all he was going to give us, which isn't much. Actually, I'd rather him just look at us than crying the whole time.

Tomorrow, I plan on staying at home and baking.  Yay!  I was going to bake tonight, but I was so ate up with the laziness.  I didn't feel like doing anything once we got home from the school tour.  Doug took off yesterday and today, so he got most of his "to-do's" finished.  I bought a red-velvet cake mix and icing.  I might make some Red-Velvet Eggs for Sunday. 


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