Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Masters Are Not So Mastered

Did you have a chance to watch the world's best golfing competition, "The Masters" in Augusta, Georgia? I still say that I would LOVE to have the opportunity to go and be apart of the celebrated event. To me, "The Masters" golf competition is the official opening of the golf season. My and my world huh? If you were watching, did ya get to check out Tiger and his typical tempertantrums? You know everyone is making a big deal about it, his "you suck" along with a line of crude language. All I can say is "where have you been for the past SEVERAL years?" Tiger's always had a temper and swearing on national television for YEARS. I did get to watch the event off and on (I'm a mom now), so yeah I heard Tiger's swearing on TV. Honestly, it's nothing different to me. He has always acted like a little brat on the greens. He is supposed to be a "Master" of his skill and show a little class and control, but he never has. What did Jim Nantz from WFAN expect from Tiger? Has he not ever watched Tiger on any of the other competitions in years past?

I can kind of understand Tiger's frustrations. Golf can be a very frustrating sport, especially if you take it so seriously. I have lost my temper golfing, but there is a thing called "self control" and "professionalism."  Through the years of learning the sport, I've learned to control my temper somewhat. I never got to the professionalism, but I don't see either one in Tiger Woods. He needs to master his own demons and control that tongue. Honestly, I feel he came back too early after his own personal problems. I think he needs to finally get some Anger Management therapy as well.

Being a Phil Mickelson fan, I'm so glad that he won that ugly green jacket.  As you probably know, Phil's wife, Amy, is battling breast cancer.  On top of that there are allegations about Phil having an affair with another women in the past.  I really hope it's not true.  Meanwhile, Amy will be in my prayers. 

Before I end this post I must add, when will "The Masters" give the golfer's caddies some dignity and burn up those ugly white jumpsuits that they have to wear?  I know it's tradition, but we are in the year 2010.  Come on?


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