Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break Events

Wow! Katie has been a busy little bee this week during Spring Break and the week's not over. I think it's been pretty eventful and full of fun.

Monday, we stayed around the house and got a few things done. She helped me straighten up and clean. That night, her paw-paw Millard and grandma Peggy came by and picked her up to spend the night with them. She stayed all day with them on Tuesday. She loves riding around on the Chuckwagon with her paw-paw.  For supper, they took her to her favorite restaurant"Sweet Peppers Deli". She loves their mac-n-cheese. She says it's the best! (haha) Of course, they always take her to Walmart and she came home with another Barbie. Ugh! She talked them into it because she didn't have one like that one.

Wednesday was our errand day. I had hoped to get our Walmart shopping out of the way, so we could spend some time at the park. I just tried to push Katie and Colton when it came to errands. By the time we got home to drop off the groceries and took a potty break, we were back on the road. The kids were hungry and tired and we still hadn't gotten to the park yet. I really didn't know if it was going to happen. Katie kept asking questions because she couldn't understand why we were on the road all day. I stopped by McDonalds to refuel the children with their Happy Meals. Unfortunately, Katie announced on the road that she had to go potty. My brain went into overtime to think of a clean and convenient place to take her since I had Colton as well. What to do? What to do? I wasn't far from one of our parks, so I pulled in. Nope, they had a bolt lock on the chain link fence. By this time, she was out of her seat rocking back and forth. Bless her heart, she was seriously in trouble. Then, I had an idea. I saw a huge parking lot across from the park for extra parking. Here we go. Katie, scared out of her mind, thought I was forcing her to go to the bathroom in the woods. "No!" I told her. I pulled out the faithful portable potty and got it ready. I just parked out in the middle of nowhere for privacy only. Colton was starving, so while she was doing her business, I fed him his lunch. (haha) It wasn't long before we were on the road again. I finally got to the park and we finished our lunch. It was too much, Colton couldn't handle it much more. He was so tired that all he wanted to do was cry. By this time, my nerves were shot! I had my fill. So, I buckled Katie back up, started up the vehicle and we headed back home. Oh, Katie was not a happy camper at all. She showed her temper a little bit until I told her that if she kept it up, we wouldn't come to the park at all for a while. It's amazing what a difference a threat changes a situation. By the time I got home, both kids were out like lights. I put them both in bed for naps and Colton slept for 3 hours. That's how tired he was. When he woke up at 4:00, I asked Katie if we could try it again. She got excited and was very well behaved. This time, I really enjoyed myself with the children. I took the Trike for Colton and Katie's bike. Ever since she fell off of her bike last year, I've had a terrible time getting her back on the thing. She starts crying and whining something awful. Believe me! She cried and begged me to not make her ride her bike. I kind of felt bad, but I made her ride it. She was scared to death until we were almost back at the truck. I had to help her most of the way because she announced, she doesn't like to go fast. Anyways, she did good and I was so proud of her. Since she didn't fall or have to turn around, she's ready to come back and ride again. Mommy's park rules are "Let's walk, so we can play." So, after we rode/walked around the circle, I let her and Colton play at the park for about 30 minutes because I had one more place to stop before going home for the night. Her playing at the park leads us to a "Katie Story."

Katie Story
I got so tickled at her. You have to know first of all, Katie is the social butterfly. She'll just walk up to children and introduce herself and then ask for their names, followed by a "hey, let's go play" request from her. (haha) Watching her, I noticed a cute little boy following her around. Apparently, she noticed it as well because she finally turned around and asked him why he was following her. At one time, she came and told me what he was doing. I found out the little boy's name was Eli. At the same time, Katie made friends with a little boy (looked older) named Levi. I don't think Eli liked Katie playing with Levi because he began growling at Levi. Katie kept thinking Eli was growling at her, so she asked him why he was doing that and it was scarying her. He said he wasn't growling at her, instead he was growling at Levi. Being the loyal friend, she told him to stop growling at Levi because he was her friend. LOL! Her little world is something else. She hated it when Levi had to leave, but it made Eli calm down and stop the growling. Eli was a cutie, black wavy hair and dark eyes, wearing his dockers. Doug didn't like it too well when I told him the Eli/Levi story. Yes, I think Doug's going to have a VERY hard time when Katie is up old enough for boyfriends. He says, she's not allowed to date until she's 22 years old because Lord willing, she'll be out of college with a degree. (Haha)

Whitney called us Wednesday night and asked if Katie could spend the night with her on Thursday. Nia was also out of school and wanted to spend time with Whitney, while she was off from work. Robin, Nia's mom, and Whitney took the girls to the EarlyWorks Museum yesterday, while Peggy, Millard and myself took Colton to Portrait Innovations for picture day.

Katie loved the Early Works Museum! She was telling me all about it tonight. They have a talking tree and clock tower. She got to dress up and it's a hand-on experience of American history. Whitney said it was lots of fun. She thinks Colton would even have fun there because they had little gadgets for toddlers. I promised Katie that we would try to go back when school is out for the Summer.

Katie and Nia hung out with Whitney and Zayne today. They were putting in their flowerbed, so Whitney had them play in the water sprinkler and they played with the sidewalk chalk, I put in her bag. As soon as Doug and I got to Whitney's front door tonight, Nia was already at the door asking if Katie could spend the night with her tonight. Oh me! Those girls were putting it on thick too, begging to spend the night again with one another. I reminded Katie that Summer is right around the corner and they could spend more time together then.

Whitney was telling me some of the stories of those two. She was amazed how Katie was singing just about the whole time she was there. I know Katie loves Beyonce's "Single Ladies" because it was on the new Chipmunk movie. Zayne told Whitney that Katie sounded like the chipmunks when she sang along with the characters. LOL! It's so true.

Doug and I have been looking for a small patio set. I've noticed a Bistro set from Lowe's that I wouldn't mind having. We don't have a very big patio in the back yard and I think a Bistro set would be more appropriate rather than the BIG table that seats 4-6 people and umbrella. We live in a fairly shady area, so I don't think we'll really need the umbrella. We went around tonight looking at patio sets.  The sets I liked only had 1 year warranties and Doug seemed a little partial to the wicker furniture.  I'd like to find a set that's sturdy with at least a 5 year warranty and Doug doesn't want cushions.  The only places we've really looked is Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart. I remembered there is a patio place down the road from us, I think I might check them out tomorrow.  I'd appreciate any suggestions or lessons learned.  Thanks! 


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