Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Little Butterfly

Katie's Art Class painted butterfly faces yesterday.  You should have seen all the butterflies coming out of the school building.  Too cute!

Finally, The University of Alabama has "The National Championship" coca cola bottles out now.  If you want one, you need to hurry because not many were made.
Colton has learned to sit in chairs now.  I caught him twice standing in this chair in the Living Room yesterday.  Ugh!  So, I've been trying to teach him to turn around and sit as soon as he gets in the chair, instead of standing.  He sat in this chair by himself.  Katie was amazed.  She came running after me because she thought Colton did something wrong.  I had to take a picture.  He sat there for quite sometime, looking at his book.   

Movies In Review
Last weekend, we rented "Did You Hear About The Morgans?"  with Jessica Sarah Parker and Hugh Grant.  I loved this movie!  It is so funny. 

I would love to see "The Bounty Hunter" with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. I hope it's as funny as the preview.

Garage Sale
Saturday, May 1st
7am - 3pm
My House
Items includes: baby clothes (boy and girl) in good to excellent condition for all seasons. Girl clothes/dresses (sizes: 3-5 years old) for all seasons. I've priced the good condition dresses $8.00-$25.00. Children shoes (size: crib-youth 9).  You Alabama fans, I've got a beautiful smock dress, size 2T, in the sale. It's in excellent condition, retail $45.00. I've got it priced for $35.00. Name brand clothes: Smart Britches, Rosalina, Rare Edition, Flapdoodles, Nike, Stride Rite, Keds, Gymboree and The Children's Place. Pink toddler bed (excellent condition) $15. Toys of all kinds, a baby jumper station, pack-n-play, stroller, Avent & Playtex bottles, Maternity clothes (size: M-XL), two battery operated/electric breast pump with all the accessories (great condition) and other knick-knacks. 

My sister, Maryann, is selling a nice bedroom suite and beautiful Prom dresses (sizes: 6 and up). I'm going to try and sell my wedding dress and veil again (size 12). I'm asking $100 for both, but will consider any offers.


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Laura said...

OMG!! Colton looks like he's 3 years old sitting in that chair!! What did he think of Katie's "make-up"? She looked so cute!

A friend of mine saw the Bounty Hunter and said that it was one of those she should have waited on the DVD for. I've seen Date Night (with Wayne) and The Backup Plan (with Leigh). Wayne liked Date Night.

If those clothes don't sell this weekend, I think you should Ebay them. Sounds like they're in great condition.

Pray for us. We made an offer on a house and it was accepted. Inspector found a crack in the concrete under the garage so an architect/engineer friend is checking it out for us tonight! So excited and yet so disappointed. We'll see.

Love ya'll!

P.S. Alise's birthday party is Sunday, May 16th. It was the only day that I could book and get a private party.