Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mason Household Randomness

Swimming Lessons
I've got Katie all signed up for Summer swimming lessons with Mrs. Ruth Anne. R.A. has decided to have her lessons at the new Aquatic Center this year. I've never been inside the new facility, so I'm interested in seeing what it looks like on the inside. As soon as I told Katie, she was all excited. That's all I've heard for the past few months "when am I going to have swimming lessons?" Now that it's official, she wants the lessons to start a whole lot earlier than they actually are. LOL! I got a hold of R.A. just in the nick of time because she said there were only 2 openings left. Shew! Actually, I came down with a big case of "Mommitice" because I lost her phone number. Thank goodness Maryann could get it for me.

A Day At The Park
We had some running around to do and promised Katie that we would take her to a park afterwards.  We went to this park and was surprised to find this whole other side that we were not aware of it's existence.  We've been here before in the past, before children came into the picture.  It was like we found treasure at the end of the rainbow.  They had slides, swings, a great looking pavilion with a barbecue pit and walking trails.  Doug and I think it would make for a great family gathering place.


Colton normally doesn't like having a cap on his head. This time, he kept his cap on a little longer. He kept it long enough to have his picture taken. Ha!

Bathtime Picture



Laura said...

Love the bath time pic! You oughta frame it in the bathroom. I've seen that in all the houses that we've been looking at. If it weren't for our ugly GOLD tile, I would snap a pic of Alise.

Looks like it was a great day for the park! Colton cracked me up sitting in his little trike! Isn't that the neatest thing!!

Allison said...

Where is that park? That looks so fun! Facebook me and let me know!Also, send along Ruth Anne's number to me too please. I'd love to try and get into one of those two openings she might have! Thanks!