Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

I was actually able to make time for these gems to pass out at the School Easter Party. I had so much fun marblizing the icing on the cookies and it was so simple. After I baked the cookies, I guess I spent about 3 hours more or less decorating a little over 2 dozen cookies the night before the party.

Well they are not professional looking by no means. But I thought they looked pretty good since that was the first time I've ever done something like this.

I think the kids had a great party. Of course, there was too much food because a lot of it got thrown away. A couple of the parents hid the eggs in the school playground.  The kids were so excited! 

Colton watching the kids
Class Picture
Egg hunting well on it's way
Best Friends hunting eggs together
Friends holding hands while swinging
Colton doing a little egg hunting on his own

Egg Dying Experience
Mom wanted Katie to come over and dye eggs with her.  Katie was getting aggravate with me because I wanted to stay on mom's back porch and visit.  The weather was so nice, warm.  Katie kept begging us to go inside the house.  She told us that it was too cold.  Ugh!  Mom figured she just wanted to get started on the eggs.  So, they got started while I visited with June and Nic.  I am so jealous of him because he is so tan.  His school isn't very far from the beach, so he pretty much gets to go whenever he wants.  He actually just got back last week and is planning on going back very soon.  As he is rubbing it in my face, I told him that's alright because I'm going this year.  Yay!

Katie and mom did an excellent job. 

Colton's New Toy
I want to personally thank Wayne & Laura for this Harley Davidson motorcycle. His Aunt Sandy and Uncle Wade will be proud because they are big Harley fans.  He seems to like it, when he gets to ride it. Katie really likes it and is so glad that Colton received it for a gift.

Colton Update
Colton had his 1 year check up today. He is doing great! He weighs 20 pounds, I think he lost a little weight since he came down with the virus a few weeks ago. He is 31 inches long and is 78 percentile on his overall growth. Poor baby had to have 4 shots, he is so grumpy this afternoon.  We won't have to go back until he's 15 months old. 

We tried making it to Jon's ballgame.  A lot of the family showed up for support.  After awhile, I kind of wished I had stayed home with Colton.  It was hot and he as tired, not feeling good.  Between all the women in our family, he stayed satisfied long enough to last all 7 innings. 


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