Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guess who?

Okay girlies, I love seeing new young actors/actresses making their way in the film business, especially if their any good. In the past couple of years, I've seen quite a few new faces and some I really like their acting. One new actress is making her way and we know her dad oh so well, growing up in the 80's. She played Sandra Bullock's daughter, Collins, in the hit film "The Blind Side." What's ironic about that is she really is a Collins. Lily Collins is the daughter of the famous pop rock star Phil Collins. She is so much prettier than her father, thank goodness. Phil may can sing, but his looks . . . whew! I'm glad he stuck to singing. (haha) Anyway, Lily will be costarring in a new thriller "Abduction" soon with actor Taylor Lautner, Jacob from "Twilight". She's supposed to play the girlfriend that helps Lautner find his real parents after he finds his baby picture posted on the missing person's website.

Sips n Strokes
Have you ever heard of this party? Whitney was telling me about it last night and sounds like so much fun. She said there's a "Sips n Stroke" located near the Summit in Birmingham. She told her mother, Maryann, about it and she seemed interested as well. What started the conversation, I was telling Whitney how I would love to take a few oil painting classes. I just think it would be fun. That's when she told me about "Sips n Strokes." Apparently, you bring your favorite beverage and they supply the canvas. Whitney said you basically drink your beverage or wine and paint your picture of the subject they have out in front of you. Everyone's painting will be different from one another, but it's supposed to be a fun girl's night out. I told her that if she decides to go, call me up because I want to go. If you would like to have a little painting party, Check out the nearest Sips n Strokes in your location. Cheers!


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Laura said...

I've read about the painting parties. There is something going around our area where the artist comes to your house and you have a painting party in your home. I haven't been invited to one yet.