Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Cleaning Favorites

Millard and Peggy were so sweet to keep Katie last night and spend some time with her today. I just seem to get a lot done when I have only one child at a time to care for. I know that sounds terrible, but as soon as Colton takes his nap, I end up spending that time with Katie. Of course, I never get anything done.

While Colton was sleeping this morning, I tackled the bathroom and kitchen. Ahhh! I don't know what it is about a clean bathroom and kitchen that makes me feel that the whole house is clean. Hahaha!

Okay, I have a few favorite cleaning products that I just love to work with around the house. I feel that they make my whole cleaning experience so much better. However, I hate cleaning the tub because I'm very sensitive to the cleaners. I like cleaning with Clorox, but my lungs just can't take much. Ugh! For years, I've always had this problem. I open the window and turn on the vent, but after a short time being the bathroom cleaning, I'm hacking away. I feel like my lungs are being completely cut off. For the next few days all I smell in cleaner and have wonderful headaches. I've tried using different cleaners, cleaners that are not as strong. The only down fall to that solution is I don't think the cleaner is very efficient. Oh well. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this! I use it all the time on my counter-tops, walls, cabinets and floors. It takes off the worse stains or grease spots that you don't think will ever come off. I've even used it on stains in the carpet. I'm probably not suppose to, but it works a lot of the time.
I should buy this by the case because I keep these all throughout our house. As you know having little ones around, I never can keep things sanitized enough. I wipe off high-chair trays, toys, counter-tops, tables and I even use it to sanitized my bathroom surfaces.
This is amazing! No more overnight soaking for me. If I see there will be a dish that will need to soak. All I do is spray a little of this "Dawn Power Dissolver" and I leave it to be the last dish to wash. By the time I dip the dish in the suddzy water, I basically just wipe it clean. I never have to scrub dirty dishes again.
These just seem so much more sanitary to me than sponges and mops. I have a kitchen vaccum cleaner that I run over the kitchen and bathroom floors before I wash floors. I like to dust the floors with the Swiffer and then wash with the Swiffer Wet with a touch of Febreze. It makes the room smell so clean.

I have a couple of these around my house. They smell so fresh and clean.
Last but not least, I could not forget my favorite cleaner "Goo-Gone!" If you can't find anything to get off sticky, yucky grime, Goo-Gone can. I keep a large bottle of this under my kitchen sink.


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Laura said...

Ewwww! I'm gonna hafta try that Dawn Dissolver! Never heard of it!